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​Magnesium and Muscle Pain

Magnesium is an amazing muscle relaxant. I already knew this however, on a recent skiing trip I was so pleased at just how quickly magnesium worked to relax my aching thighs and sore neck muscles from the many skiing tumbles!

MiSMo Magnesium Gel Forte Roller 75mlEarly into the trip I had my Magnesium roller bottle circulating throughout the group who were also suffering various aches and pains with many genuinely surprised at the instant relief received.

There is no doubt, I don’t think I would’ve been able to get through six days of back to back skiing without my Magnesium!

So how does Magnesium work to relax muscles? Low magnesium results in lactic acid build up, so by topping up my Magnesium I was able to avoid any lactic acid build up. (Lactic acid is produced in muscles as a result of high intensity exercise which causes )

Magnesium is also vital in regards to muscle contraction. Ryan Hass from Livestrong explains it perfectly when he says,“ Magnesium directly interacts with your muscle tissue through a process called ion transportation. When magnesium contacts your cell membranes, it bonds with specific receptor sites that open up the cell membrane and allow other mineral ions to enter, such as calcium and potassium. These ions help regulate muscle contractions and ease muscle tension.”

MiSMo combines magnesium and MSM (source of organic Sulphur) in a powerful pain relief formulation called Magnesium Gel Forte with MSM. MSM is also well known for its pain relieving qualities and reducing any inflammation. The two minerals work very well together and was just what we needed on our recent trip. (I took the Magnesium Gel Forte with MSM roller bottle, a very handy size for traveling.)

Magnesium and MSM can help with any form of exercise whether it is a jog, a workout session at the gym, a game of tennis or even a day of gardening. All of these could benefit greatly from a dose of magnesium and MSM to help revive your muscles and get you back to a pain free day that you are able to enjoy.

Other great benefits of Magnesium:





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