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Acne is a complex issue and the causes are many. In today’s post we will try to give a  simple explanation as to why one factor, stress, can increases acne and pimples.

When the body is stressed, it puts pressure on the adrenal glands. This causes extra production of the hormone cortisol.

In turn a tiny amount of testosterone is produced by the adrenal gland. This enters your circulation with the cortisol.  Women normally only have a small amount of testosterone in their bodies.Thus the connection between acne and stress is established.

The root cause of acne is excessive oil. Testosterone converts to di-hydrotestosterone which turns on the oil production. With an excessive amount of oil on the skin, acne is more likely to occur.

Women are more affected than men in this stress/acne connection because men have much more testosterone in their bodies at any time so a little extra does not matter.

Another connection between adult acne and testosterone can be at menopause, when doctors sometimes prescribe testosterone in HRT medications. This can start the same chain of events described above. If you have adult acne at that time of life, are on HRT (even natural), ask your practitioner the question. It happened to me!

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