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Acne Vulgaris – aka Teenage acne is very common in the Western World, 80 - 90 percent of teenagers suffer with some degree of Acne Vulgaris, some teenagers will suffer to the point of losing their confidence. When children reach their teenage years and start to become adults, androgens such as testosterone (hormones) are released. This revs up the hormones causing changes to the body including the over production of sebum (oil) within the skin, causing the skin follicles to become blocked, inflamed, dead skin cells become like glue blocking pores and trapping bacteria within and on the skin, leading to acne (blockages of the hair follicles).
Acne Vulgaris can be recognised by pimples with pussy heads, pimples that are red lumps and pimples that are under the skin often called blind pimples, black heads and white heads. This can be located all over the face, chest and back. Some teenagers will have more oil glands in their T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) and the acne can be more prevalent there, lots of teenagers experience acne on their chest and back only so looking after that area too is beneficial.

Acne Vulgaris can be treated with the use of the correct skin care regime, it’s important to be aware of cleansing and moisturising morning and night especially at night to remove makeup, sweat and debris from the skin. At this time of life the last thing teenagers want to do is clean their skin but it’s really important and needs to be encouraged. There will be a few teenagers that might need extra assistance from a doctor for a topical medicated cream to be added to the regime if their acne is very extreme.

Ways to avoid Acne Vulgaris

• Cleanse face, (chest and back if need to) morning and night, followed by an oil free moisturiser.
• Apply a pimple gel to blemishes only.
• Wash hair daily and keep it off your face.
• Avoid touching your face.
• Cleanse and moisturise after sporting activities where sweating is common.
• Though there have been many articles relating to acne caused by certain foods this is only speculation not fact, a good wholesome diet of fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains can however do wonders for the body especially the skin, giving it a healthy dewy glow.

The good news is that Acne Vulgaris does eventually settle and fades with age. However, to help overcome acne sooner, MISMO has a range that has been developed especially for teenagers who are battling with this skin condition. 

A face wash free of fragrance, oils and soap that foams up to allow the easy removal of dirt, grime and especially makeup. Active Face Cleanser has the added ingredients of Lactic and Glycolic acids to loosen the glue that holds the dead skin cells to the face. If you are wearing make up it’s a good idea to cleanse twice, first to remove the make up and second to cleanse the skin.

If you don’t moisturise your skin the body sends a message to the brain to produce oil to the area you’ve just cleansed as oil is needed to lubricate and protect it. In teenagers this can mean huge amounts of oil is produced making the cleansing treatment redundant and blocking the pores all over again. Boost is a light moisturiser that is perfect for oily skins; this product does not contain oils but nourishes the skin with Organic Aloe Vera for hydration with the added bonus of Hyaluronic Acid to hold the water in the skin. The body is more than satisfied with this scenario and carries on and produces oil in smaller amounts when needed.
Blemish Gel contains special acne fighting ingredients of this ingredient unclogs the pores that cause acne, clearing the skin without drying or irritating, Organic Aloe Vera to soothe, Vitamin B3 to kill bacteria, Vitamin B5 to break down the pore plug that causes the blockage and Vitamin A to control and heal breakouts. Blemish gel can be used as a spot treatment or an all over face moisturiser for very acne prone skins.
Our most recent success story is Taylah who lives on the Gold Coast. Taylah had been using prescription medication for her acne but struggled to see results until trying our Anti-Acne products. Since then we have kept in touch and monitored her improvements and now her confidence speaks for itself.

"This was just before I started using your products"
"I love your products it’s definitely helping a lot"

We use large percentages of active ingredients in our products so they work, really work. Many of the brands you see on television work too, but they work by rapidly drying the skin out because when you get rid of the oil you get rid of the acne. If you continually dry out the skin, you age it, think dried up sponge without moisture compared to a wet sponge.
Many teenagers use our Anti-Acne Bundle with amazing results. We also have an Anti-Acne Trial-Size Bundle for only $16.80 to try before committing to the full-size. 
It's always best to take your GP's advice as we aren't sure how our products will react with prescribed ones. Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any queries.  😊

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Anti-Ageing Bundle

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Ali G

I’m 69 & have been using the Anti Aging Trio for years. Very happy with Mismo products.

Veronica Mc Cabe

Hello all, I have been using these products for years. Not only has it returned about 20 years to me but also treated my Rosacea. My skin is amazing. I will keep buying these products as long as I can. The service provided by Mismo is great. Issues if any are resolved very quickly. Thank you Irene and team .Veronica Ireland 🇮🇪

Victoria Ryan
Still the Best skincare out there!

Have been using the Mismo anti aging bundle for years and love the gel, oil serum and anti-aging cream. An irreplaceable evening skincare routine, occasionally tried others, but always come back to this for results. The gel and nourishing cream and eye cream for the day keeps your skin the best it can be, even improving it! Have stopped trying other brands, they just don't deliver results that Mismo does. Also I totally trust the ingredients, especially for sensitive skin. Just love all Mismo skincare!

Eleanor Eckert
Proven Results with Mismos Anti Aging Bundle

My Beauty Therapist recommend the Mismos Products to me.
I've always taken care of my skin from a teenager as I had acne
Must say Ile keep using Mismos Products
My skin always feel hydrated and moisterised And never oily.Its like a food for my skin. I receive many comments that I don't look my age The containers they're in are nice and compact and hygenic With the pump And no wastage

Three wonderfully effective products

I have been using Mismo for many years now and I still sing its praises. The anti-ageing products all work together perfectly and soak into the skin leaving it silky smooth with no sticky residue. I have tried other products from time to time just for a change but not for long!