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Everything You Need to Keep Your Makeup Looking Great All Day and Night too!

To ensure you makeup looks fresh all day, stock your make-up bag with all the essentials. Although you may have a large collection of beauty implements
at home, it’s great to always have a small selection of beauty basics ready to go at any time. The bag should be small enough to fit into your purse
but should contain enough products to keep you looking flawless throughout the day.

A moisturising mineral liquid or powder foundation with the SPF ingredient Zinc is the first step to a flawless appearance. The foundation will give your skin an even tone and beautiful color.
The SPF is important to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. A non pore-clogging mineral foundation helps you avoid any unwanted blemishes.

To set your foundation, a good mineral veil powder is priceless. Powder also adds
to the even tone and porcelain finish that makes your skin look young and perfect. Apply mineral veil throughout the day to eliminate any shine that
comes from sweat or oil buildup. Always use blush for enhancing your cheekbones.

Include several palettes of mineral eye shadow. Subtle colors
are perfect for the daytime and will not overpower your look for work. Earth tones look natural but still help enhance the beauty of your eyes. Your
shadow can contain a bit of shimmer whether it will be worn during the daytime or evening. Use a color palette that includes smoky grays along with
a few bright colors for the evening. If you need to do a touch up between work and an evening event, these color palettes will offer the more dramatic
effect you want.

Eyeliner in black and brown are ideal for accentuating your eyes. Brown eyeliner is less dramatic, making it perfect for daytime use. Black eyeliner can be applied in a thin line
for a subtle enhancement or thickly for a dramatic look. For a party look, consider using your black eyeliner to form dramatic cat eyes.

You should include at least two lipstick colors. One should be your go to lipstick color. That may be pink, earth tone or red depending on your skin
tone. Always include a second color that makes your lips the center of attention. Lipstick should include a moisturiser to avoid chapped lips. Also,
include a colorless lip balm that can be applied before your lipstick to avoid dry, scaly lips. Tip – Rose Mocha eyeshadow makes a beautiful lipstick colour just add a little water to the powder and apply to lips.

Keep these basics available at all times to keep your appearance fresh and include a few pieces that will make your look more dramatic in minutes.
A well-stocked bag will keep you looking great all day while making it simple for you to go from your regular work look to a dramatic night time look.



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