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Exfoliating or Resurfacing Cream

Different names on creams can be very confusing to ordinary souls like myself so that means lots of others scratch their heads too.

Exfoliating cream or exfoliant are the same. Usually this means a cream (often a cleanser) base with the addition of some type of bead. Quality beads are spherical with no rough edges to scratch the skin.

 Exfoliating creams usually have a small granule, which when massaged over the skin goes some way to moving off dead skin cells. Dead cells can be stubborn little devils to move as nature has them glued together to protect the skin.

Dead skin cells tend to make skin look dull and without radiance.

Resurfacing creams are a more heavy duty product. They will often give a result similar to a light peel but an instant result. Beads used in resurfacing creams vary and can include Bamboo (as used by MiSMo), jojoba, polyethylene (a no no these days) or corundum crystals.

The quantity of beads used in resurfacing cream is much higher than in exfoliating cream.

MiSMo Natural Face Exfoliator is suitable for everyday use and polishes the skin. where MicroDerm is a once a week treatment.

Men tend to love the stronger feel of a resurfacing cream. A little tip is to always remember to exfoliate behind the lower part of the ears where dead cells really build up.

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