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Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyelids

Do you know what Hollywood movie stars Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence both have in common? Hooded eyelids.

Hooded eyelids, is essentially when there is an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, which causes the eye lid to look smaller.

We thought we’d put together a few easy makeup tips and tricks for hooded eyelids.

In the case of hooded eyelids, says a leading makeup artist “it’s important to understand light and shade, as this informs you where to put everything
from highlighters to mid-tones and darker shades.’

Highlighter is key to helping accentuate the eye areas and is perfect for hooded eye lids – It’s also very easy to use.


To apply Mineral Highlighter, use a highlighter brush just above cheekbones, under the eye and under the brow line. Stroke with a light touch so you don’t create lines. Add a touch in the inner corner
of your eye socket to lighten any darkness and make your eye area much brighter.

Brushing your eye lashes upward can help also, as can shaping your eyebrows, particularly defining the arch in the eyebrow (using MiSMo’s brow define would be perfect) are great tips for hooded eyelids.


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