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Magnesium is an essential element our bodies need to function correctly. Required for over 300 biochemical reactions, there is no doubt that keeping a healthy magnesium level in our bodies is fundamental for great health. MiSMo supply Magnesium in two forms; Magnesium Gel Forte and Magnesium Chloride Powder.

What is Magnesium

Magnesium is a chemical element, symbolised in the periodic table as Mg, which is found in the body and is essential to all cells. It is the cofactor to around 300 enzymes, and without it our bodies can not function.

It is found naturally in many foods we eat, such as vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains, as well as dairy, meats chocolate and coffee. Although it is naturally occurring in our diets, many of us are at risk of magnesium deficiencies  as the nutrient levels in our food decreases, and our digestive systems struggle to absorb the required nutrients.

What will Magnesium help

Magnesium has been found to aid in many health conditions, particularly muscle tightness and painful cramps.

Dr Norman Sheely, author of “Holy Water, Sacred Oil the Fountain of Youth”, maintains normal levels of DHEA can be restored in 4 weeks by applying transdermal magnesium chloride. DHEA is the health and youth hormone and Magnesium Gel Forte helps you increase DHEA naturally. Increasing the levels help a myriad of health problems.

This information is not intended to be medical advice. Please see your medical practitioner for serious pain without delay.

Where does Mismo’s Magnesium Chloride come from?

MiSMo’s Magnesium Chloride Powder is sourced from a pristine inland salt lake on the border of Tibet. This is produced by a method of dehydration, and separating the magnesium from the sodium chloride found naturally in the water. 

It is this 99.7% pure, food grade, Magnesium Chloride powder that is sold to you, as well as used in our Magnesium Gel Forte products.

Magnesium Gel Forte

Magnesium Gel Forte is designed to work as a body lotion while delivering mineral benefits. One teaspoon (5 grams) contains 1.2 grams of magnesium chloride, an excellent boost for your body. MSM is an anti-inflammatory which is an even bigger help with pain control. Our famous hyaluronic acid is included for the luxurious hydration it provides. Organic aloe vera and rice bran oil are included for moisturising.

This is a great way to increase magnesium levels without taking oral supplements. Magnesium chloride absorbs through the skin very easily, bypassing the digestive system, where diarrhea can be a problem when taking oral supplements.

How do you use it?

Apply approximately a teaspoon’s worth once or twice daily to clean skin. Apply to any painful areas or to the back of the neck if you have headaches. To use the recommended amount, apply to arms, legs, tummy and shoulders – it doesn’t matter where. The soft areas of the thighs and inner arms are perfect for transdermal applications. Magnesium chloride is best known as transdermal magnesium due to its ability to enter the body via the skin.

Magnesium Chloride Powder

MiSMo Magnesium Chloride Powder is food grade, pure magnesium chloride extracted from pristine inland salt lake water. 1 gram of Magnesium Chloride Powder contains 120mg of elemental magnesium.

Although there are many types of magnesium in powder form, including oxide, sulfate, citrate, lactate and chloride, only Magnesium Chloride is transdermal, meaning that it will pass through the skin and into your bloodstream.

How do I use Magnesium Chloride Powder

There are several methods to get magnesium into your body. Below are four suggestions:

  1. Oral use (by mouth) – not the best way as you can get diarrhea
  2. Magnesium oil – applying Magnesium Chloride Powder dissolved in water which feels like an oil
  3. Foot soak (or bath) – using either magnesium powder or magnesium oil
  4. As a lotion – Use MiSMo Magnesium Gel Forte – a luxurious gel that doubles as a body lotion.


Oral Use

Mix 1 part Magnesium Chloride Powder with 3 parts pure distilled drinkable water*. Example: 50g powder to 150ml water. Dosage: Take 5ml (1 teaspoon) of liquid 3 times a day. You can add this to a glass of water or juice so that it doesn’t taste so bad.

Magnesium Oil

To make Magnesium Chloride Powder into magnesium oil, add 50g of the powder to 50ml warm drinkable distilled water. This will be a very strong 50% mix. Many magnesium oils on the market contain around 30% magnesium chloride so you can experiment with this mix. For ease of use, put into a spray bottle. Spray over the body but especially where you have pain. The magnesium will be absorbed into the body in 20-25 minutes. If the skin is sticky or itchy simply wash off after that time.

The solution may sting a little the first couple of times. You can dilute by 1:1 with extra pure distilled water if necessary. Magnesium applied to the body absorbs through the skin and bypasses the digestive system – a big plus.

Make a super magnesium mix by adding 15% MSM, eg. to 50g Magnesium Chloride Powder and 50ml water add 15g MSM (3 teaspoons).

Foot Soak

You can use either Magnesium Chloride Powder or magnesium oil which you have mixed. If using powder, add ¼ cup to very warm water in a foot spa or bucket of water. The solution may be reused but you will have to reheat it. For magnesium oil, if the oil is at a 50/50 ratio use ½ cup in very warm water. The heat helps magnesium to absorb better in soaks. Soak your feet for 20-25 minutes. The magnesium will absorb into your body in this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly does magnesium oil absorb into my skin and will it smell?: Magnesium oil absorbs almost immediately upon contact. Applying 1 or 2 sprays of magnesium oil and massaging it into your skin will speed up the absorption and leave almost no residue. A slight “oily” feeling will occur if a lot is applied. Magnesium oil has no odour.

I experienced a slight rash and tingling sensation where I applied the magnesium oil. Why?: The tingling sensation is a result of the magnesium entering the skin, which is harmless, and isn’t always felt. Rashes occur because of a concentration of toxic substances in your body, the rash being the point of detox your body is using to eliminate them. These are also harmless. In order to prevent rashes from occurring, simply dilute the magnesium oil 1:1 with purified water. Remember, this is a very concentrated product.

What is the maximum daily dosage of magnesium oil?: There is none. By spraying magnesium onto your skin, rather than eating it, you bypass the problem of the gastrointestinal barrier. Excess magnesium in your intestines is not absorbed, just eliminated. Transdermal magnesium chloride is largely absorbed and used by your cells on location.

Are there any precautions to using magnesium oil?: Do not apply it to your eyes or into your nose. This would cause irritation. Applying magnesium oil onto open wounds will cause stinging, but will also increase the speed of healing.


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