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MSM Pain Relief for Pets

For many people, their pets become part of the family and it’s heartbreaking when they are in pain.  One of the best food supplements proven to extend the quality of life for ageing and pain inflicted pets is MSM!

MSM (also known as Organic Sulphur) is a safe and effective supplement to give to your pets.  It has the same toxicity as water!

How does MSM work?

MSM is a natural anti-inflammatory.  MSM supports the sulphur bonds between proteins such as keratin within hair, skin and nails, connective tissue and cartilage within joints.  A deficiency in sulphur supplied to these protein bonds can lead to stiff joints and joint pain.

It is difficult and sometimes toxic to include enough sulphur enriched foods into animal’s diets to ensure they are getting what they need.  Foods which contain sulphur include eggs, spinach, broccoli and onion – although onion should never be given to dogs.

Although people tend to drink MSM with a glass of water or mixed with juice, animals are unlikely to drink their entire bowl of water within a day.  There are benefits to adding a pinch to their water bowl, but their daily dosage is best mixed in their food.  In some studies, animals that were given MSM in their water supplies had lower death rates and liver damage as well as longer life expectancy than control groups.  Depending on how fussy your pets are, you may be able to disguise the flavour by adding it to their wet food (i.e. tinned dog food) or by mixing it into a sauce/gravy over dried food.  It does have a bitter taste (as you will know if you take it yourself).

Organic Sulphur relieves inflammation and enhances circulation.  MSM has been well documented in alleviating pain in animals caused by arthritis.  Some vets prescribe Asprin for arthritis, but this could result in gastrointestinal problems such as haemorrhaging or ulcers. A single dose of Asprin for a cat can be fatal.  Dr. Reigel; a vet and author, reported giving a cat which was dragging its back legs and moving very slowly, MSM.  Given MSM daily, the same cat was reported to be sprinting around as if it were a one year old again.  Our own customers have reported great results for themselves and in their pets.

In the US, MSM has been used largely with working, racetrack and show ring horses.  Horses given MSM showed a delayed onset of tumours, equivalent to 10 years in humans as well as improved condition in those that suffered from sore backs.  Symptoms of a sore back in horses includes discomfort, bruising, hair loss or open sores in the saddle area.

Dosage depends on the animal you have and it’s weight.

Horses:  450kg horse – one gram of MSM per 45kg of body weight twice a day or as directed by your vet.

Dogs:  Feed 500mg (1/2 gram) of MSM once a day per 12kg of body weight.  For dogs over 40kg, feed 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of MSM daily.

Other conditions where MSM can help your pets include:

  •           Acral lick Granulomas
  •           Acne (yes dogs can get acne)
  •           Cataracts – although not a cure, MSM can help tremendously with blood circulation for early stages
  •           Diabetes
  •           Diabetes Insipidus Disorder
  •           Epilepsy and Seizures
  •           Feline Leukaemia
  •           Giardia
  •           Hip Dysplasia
  •           Hot spots – skin infections which have an oozing discharge
  •           Lupus – immune disorder
  •           Itching
  •           Improve coat shine and skin conditions

Once they are part of the family, there is nothing we wouldn’t do for our pets!  Luckily MSM is one supplement which can significantly improve the quality of life for those that are suffering, so they can enjoy a longer, fuller (and no doubt pampered) life.


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  • How about cats??? how much to feed them once a day how about diluting powder to water and adding drops to wet food ??? too much would be a problem I suspect?

    • Too much isn’t a problem if you start of small dose so they get used to it. MSM isn’t toxic so won’t harm them, but it can have a detox effect on humans so pets could have same reaction. We’d suggest starting at less than 1/8th teaspoon (0.5g) a day and see how it goes. Diluting it in water would work just as well as dry powder.

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