AHA Fruit Masque and Hydrating Mask Combo

AHA Fruit Masque  50ml and Hydrating treatment mask 50g in a combo buy.  Refine with AHA Fruit Masque and hydrate with Hydrating mask with Hyaluronic acid.


Super Mask Deal - AHA Fruit Masque and Hydrating Mask

Buy both for $70.00

Why not really pamper your skin. Fight the elements and keep your precious face clear of dead skin cells and well hydrated.

As a special offer and to celebrate AHA Fruit Masque being in a tube, we thought it would be nice to offer the combo of AHA Fruit Masque and Hydrating Mask and save you $12.00.


AHA FRUIT MASQUE: This is a very effective exfoliating treatment. Alpha Hydroxy and Fruit Acids dissolve dead skin cells. After the mask has dried you wet your fingers and start to massage the face in gentle circles. This re-moistens the mask and the jojoba beads will then help remove the dead skin cells. Rinse and feel the satin soft smooth skin. Then for the special effect apply the second Mask - Hydration Mask

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HYDRATING MASK:  This is almost decadent to use! After you have exfoliated your face (and neck ideally) apply Hydrating Mask for the ultimate hydrating mask. A very high content of Hyaluronic Acid, Manuka honey, Aloe Vera juice, Oatmeal and MSM will nourish and soften your skin beautifully. Hydrating Mask is an excellent hand treatment. I sometimes apply and leave it on overnight. Our hands can really age us so take good care of them - there's no going back.

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You are now ready to take on these harsh winter conditions.




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