Anti-Acne Trio Oily Skin

Formidable opponents when it comes to fighting pimples and acne. Together these natural products will help to treat and reduce breakouts quickly.




Acne Treatment - Using these 3 products can help reduce and treat breakouts of pimples and acne, naturally and gently without drying skin. They work in synergy, each helping the other to achieve the best result for you.

Daily Face Wash is an AHA/BHA (alpha hydroxy acid/beta hydroxy acid) cleanser. Fragrance, oil and soap free, this clear gel has a small amount of foam that thoroughly cleanses the skin of make-up and daily grime. People who are acne or blemish prone will find this an excellent choice.

Blemish Gel is a special formulation designed to treat pimples and acne. Using specifically designed ingredients, this gentle oil free lotion reduces the swelling and pain of pimples while healing. Blemish Gel will not dry your skin. Good news for Mum's too - no bleached towels. If your acne product bleaches towels what is it doing to your skin?

BOOST is a very light, oil-free Moisturiser suitable for oily skin and those who suffer from acne and pimples. Using a moisturiser that contains oil can clog pores and cause more blemishes although skin still needs to be well hydrated and nourished. BOOST contains a very high content of Hyaluronic Acid which increases moisture content in the skin and reduces inflammation.


Glycolic and Salicylic acids combine to loosen the glue that holds dead cells on the skin as well as clearing clogged pores. Dead skin cells can cause blockages in pores which in turn become pimples, blackheads or blind pimples. Excessive layers of dead cells also give a dull appearance to the complexion.

Daily Face Wash is very gentle and can be used on all skin types. Glycolic Acid (from sugar cane) and Salicylic Acid from Willow Bark tree is a powerful but gentle combination that serve as a cleanser/exfoliator.


Yes, to kill bacteria associated with acne and pimples specialised ingredients are required. The most commonly used ingredients like benzoyl peroxide can really dry the skin causing a range of other problems, like further clogging the skin from flaking skin cells.

People struggling with pimples and acne are not always that concerned about moisturizing and hydrating their skin, as they are scared that it may increase the oiliness of their skin. Blemish Gel however will NOT make the skin oily, but will provide moisture and hydration and will actively work at sorting out skin problems, while at the same time soothing and calming the skin. This approach is a holistic, gentle way of treating acne and pimples.


MiSMo uses a combination of pimple fighting ingredients to attack blemishes from different angles.™ is a patented ingredient which works in a few different ways. First to prevent the formation of clogged pores which causes blemishes. Next to kill bacteria associated with acne and pimples and also to reduce excessive sebum (oil) which contributes to clogged pores.

Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) is an amazing vitamin which kills bacteria; strengthens the skin barrier and helps heal pimples and acne. The other benefit of B3 is that bacteria does not become resistant with continued use which often happens with antibiotic cream.

Add this to inflammation fighting MSM (Organic sulphur) and Aloe Vera and you have a formidable treatment which is gentle and natural. Blemish Gel can be used as a spot treatment or over a larger area, for example the whole chin or neck, as a preventative, when regular hormone spikes send your skin into a spin.

No fragrance, colour, alcohol or benzoyl peroxide is used in Blemish Gel.

For more information on Blemish Gel visit the product page

Here is a suggested Acne Treatment Plan


Not if you choose the right moisturiser which depends on your skin type, normal or oily. It is most important to keep your face well hydrated and nourishedat all times even if it is oily. BOOST is a genuine oil-free moisturiser, suitable for oily skin, and will not block your pores.

Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, MSM and natural moisturizing ingredients made from botanicals make this silk like creamy gel perfect for oily skin prone to acne and pimples. Oily skin types will gain hydration without generating extra oil.

BOOST may be used over Blemish Gel.


Daily Face Wash Key Ingredients
Glycolic Acid; Salicylic Acid

Blemish Gel Key Ingredients™ a new patented anti acne ingredient proven to be effective on many types of acne, pimples, blackheads and zits.

VITAMIN B3 (nicatinamide) is a wonderful ingredient that works in a few ways. The skin barrier is strengthened and B3 is well proven for healing acne. While p-acnes bacteria becomes resistant to antibiotics B3 working. Vitamin B3 is used in both Blemish Gel and New Age Moisturiser. Other benefits are an evening out of skin tone from acne scarring and also great anti-ageing results.

HYALURONIC ACID a super hydrator which replaces lost moisture, often caused by heat generated by inflammation. Hyaluronic Acid also assists healing and improves the appearance of the skin.

MSM, also known as Organic Sulphur, proven to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, reduce and prevent scarring.

ORGANIC ALOE VERA - A super healer and inflammation reducer.

BOOST Key Ingredients
BOOST is a genuine "Oil-free Moisturiser". We rely on wonderful ingredients such as HYALURONIC ACID, SODIUM PCA, GERMAN CHAMOMILE, CALENDULA, VITAMIN B5, ORGANIC ALOE VERAandMSM to create an exqusite blend you will love using every day. They provide full hydration and moisturising without oil. The anti-aging results are tremendous. Unlike most companies, MiSMo uses lashings of these ingredients.

Daily Face Wash
Use morning and night leaving on the skin for 1 minute for ingredients to work. Rinse well and pat dry.

Blemish Gel
Use morning and night after cleansing. Apply to pimples and surrounding areas.

Use morning and night after cleansing and applying Blemish Gel.


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