Cell Soother

MiSMo Cell Soother is an MSM Gel which works for Cold Sores, pimples, shaving rash, bites or minor burns.


MiSMo have combined MSM and organic Aloe Vera to create an incredible gel formulation called CELL SOOTHER. First aid and beauty in a bottle is what Cell Soother offers you. Now that's an unusual choice but read below and you'll see why. This remarkably versatile product should be the No 1 choice for every household. With its wonderful effects and many varied applications, you'll wonder how you lived without it!

Some of the many reasons to use Cell Soother include:

  • Improve your skin health: Apply daily to achieve beautiful healthy smooth skin
  • For skin itches: Apply Cell Soother to reduce irritation quickly
  • For muscle pain: Provides temporary relief from aches and pains
  • For cold sores: this is just the best answer
  • As a toner: To tighten pores after cleansing
  • As an exfoliant: Cell Soother accelerates shedding of dead cells without the need for Alpha Hydroxy Acids
  • To help with anti-ageing: By promoting exfoliation and cell renewal, Cell Soother assists with anti-ageing
  • To combat acne: By reducing swelling and pain, calming redness and helping the healing process
  • After IPL or cosmetic treatments: Calms redness and heat often associated with these procedures
  • After Cosmetic Tattoo: Helps prevent and heal cold sores after lip tattoo. Hastens healing eyebrows too
  • For skin conditions: Such as Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema (Read our Rosacea Information and Treatment Plan here)
  • For arthritis and joint pain: Massage into sore joints for relief
  • As an anti-inflammatory: Cell Soother reduces swelling in acne, bites and stings
  • To lessen scars: Helps fade and reduce scar tissue
  • After waxing: Cell Soother calms redness and inflammation, reducing the likelihood of ingrown hairs
  • On animals: Simple, safe and soothing for pets too
  • On sunburn, minor kitchen burns and welding burns: Burns respond quickly to Cell Soother
  • On cold sores: To reduce the pain, inflammation and length of time a cold sore lasts
  • On viral or plantar warts: Many of our clients have experienced warts falling free within a couple of weeks
  • As an after shave: To help soothe and control after shave rash
  • After shaving head: Soothes and eliminates rough skin patches

Regular users of Cell Soother call it a family friend. It is truly the most versatile product to have in the home.

Cell Soother is a highly concentrated multi functional gel, combining the benefits of MSM with the legendary properties of ORGANIC ALOE VERA. Luxuriously hydrating and calming, the effective formulation promotes the shedding of dead skin cells - similar to the action of AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) but without any side effects. Its moisturising characteristics then assist with the skin's renewal.

Aloe Vera's moisturising, soothing and healing abilities have been recognised and used for centuries for nurturing the skin. MSM (Organic sulphur) is a more recent discovery which has been gaining steady popularity as nature's own anti-ageing beauty treatment. Organic Sulphur is an essential element of skin, hair and nails and is present in every cell of the body. As MSM, it is a tiny molecule, allowing it to enter the skin easily for greater effect.

Cell Soother has no added colour or fragrance (natural Aloe Vera is a translucent pale golden shade, not green as you see in some products). Aloe Vera contains 20 of the 22 amino acids. These plus an array of minerals are present to help rejuvenate cells deep in the skin.


For the Face: Use twice a day before moisturising to improve skin health and appearance. Helps tone the skin and tightens pores after cleansing.

For acne use Cell Soother twice a day after cleansing. It is very important to keep the skin clean and hydrated. At night, individual pustules can be targeted by applying a small amount of MSM gel and leaving it to soak in overnight. Sulphur has long been known as a healer and an anti-inflammatory. As one of Cell Soother's main ingredients, this will accelerate the healing of pimples and alleviate pain. Blemish Gel is our specific Acne Gel Lotion.

Rosacea, eczema and psoriasis sufferers may gain relief from redness and inflammation using Cell Soother after cleansing. As Cell Soother is not a technically a moisturiser (it contains no oils), it needs to be sealed  with either Anti Wrinkle Cream, New Age Moisturiser or Nourishing Cream to ensure the skin remains hydrated.Use morning and night.

Scleroderma is another condition that responds to MSM gel and MSM powder.

For arthritis and joint pain apply Cell Soother as required to help reduce pain and inflammation. MSM and Aloe Vera are both excellent for pain relief and swelling. Additionally, for best results take MSM powder orally each day.

After sun exposure, or for comfort from an itchy irritation, apply Cell Soother as required. Always apply to clean skin, and not over sunscreen. This is due to the penetration ability of Cell Soother which may pull unwanted chemicals in the sunscreen below the surface of the skin.

For relief from aching and tight muscles
an application of Cell Soother will work wonders to help release tension. Apply as required. Also great for massages – use a generous amount and it will provide a great medium for 5 or more minutes. The gel will then absorb and exfoliation will begin as the massage continues. A perfect demonstration of the exfoliating capabilities of this product – you may need a dust pan for the dead cells. The skin is left silky soft, and muscles relaxed.

After surgery or injury, once the wound has healed and/or the stitches have been removed, apply Cell Soother a few times a day to help achieve a smoother, lighter scar. MSM works by preventing cross linking of the skin which causes raised and unsightly scars. Applying Cell Soother for some weeks encourages a less noticeable scar.

Waxing comfort is at hand. After waxing, apply a layer of gel. This will soothe the redness and assist the healing of the minute traumas that often occur when waxing. Follow with MiSMo Moisturiser to help prevent in-grown hairs.

For minor kitchen or barbeque burns, apply several times as necessary to help relieve pain. If you have a serious burn, contact your doctor immediately.

Viral Warts: Many of our clients have experienced relief from viral warts. Apply Cell Soother twice a day for a few weeks.

After shaving, men can use Cell Soother for its freshening and cooling effects. It helps prevent after shave rashes, and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. For youthful looking skin, follow with Moisturiser.

To help relieve cold sores, apply as soon as you feel the tingle or when the blister emerges. Repeat every hour or so on the first day or two, to help reduce the pain and other symptoms. When the scab starts to harden, apply a moisturiser over the Cell Soother so it doesn't crack.

After Lip Tattoo
apply a few hours after tattoo, several times a day. Continue until the lips heal. Apply a soothing lip balm over Cell Soother. If you are prone to cold sores this will be a blessing to avoid any pain. Cell Soother can be applied after any tattoo to hasten healing.

For a quick mini face-lift
and a relaxing few minutes to yourself, mix Cell Soother with Firming Mask and apply in order to firm and tone the complexion and tighten pores.

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4 reviews for Cell Soother

  1. Yvette P

    I recently had a serious degloving injury requiring a split skin graft. I was religiously following the doctors instructions, using oils and creams to massage the scar. It wasn’t until I tried cell soother that I got some fantastic results. Cell soother not only helped the skin heal and the scar soften, but it helped the nerve pain settle. The healing has been much quicker and the doctors are amazed at the results.

  2. Patricia W

    Hi Irene your staff and you are amazing. My order only took 2 days to arrive in Perth, and my previous order a week ago the same. Great service, and lovely products. I have recommended your products to all my family and friends, and I know a lot have placed orders with you. Half of the products I ordered are for family as well. Especially the Magnesium oil for pain. I have my 91 yr old mother on it, my sister, my brother, and myself of course, and now my Uncle John who lives in Mandurah WA has just placed an order he is 94. I have been making up little bottles for people to try as I hate seeing people in pain. And then they order from you. The other product I wouldn’t be with out is Cell soother. My Mum 91 has terrible bruising on her legs I gave her my cell soother, and the difference to her legs has to be seen to be believed. Wish I took before and after photos. My last order included 4 bottles of cell soother, as I now have convinced my sister to put it on her allergic itchy dog. Works a treat. So thank you for great products, and I wish you and all your team a wonderful Xmas. All the best, Pat Woods. ps I use all your skin care and makeup too

  3. Benjamin R

    Really impressed. I’m 25 with quite a good complexion, but I have incessant issues with razor burn from shaving. Up until now, my go-to product has been Skin Doctors Ingrow Go, however it is extremely harsh on the skin so I have been searching for a more natural product. This is the first product I have used that not only parallels Ingrow Go’s results, but supersedes them. I trialled cutting the Ingrow Go from my skin routine and just used the Cell Soother and have been experiencing far better results (almost no razor burn whatsoever).

  4. Maree J

    Have recently ceased taking the pill and was experiencing the unfortunate return of painful pimples. Have been taking the MSM powder, combined with the use of the Mitt, Soothing Gel (Cell Soother) and moisturiser, for about two weeks. I have seen a substantial improvement in my skin, both on face and neck. I am virtually pimple free, yeah!!!

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