Mineral Powder Foundation and Medium Kabuki Brush Pack


Natural Mineral Makeup from MiSMo gives a beautiful light finish. Available in 7 colours. No nanoparticles

Regular 8g


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Long Lasting, Flawless Finish - Updated Formulation and New Containers NO MESS

MiSMo Australian made Mineral Makeup Foundation is available in 7 colours to suit most colourings and all skin types.

This is a new formulation which is amazing on the skin with very few ingredients. View the Key Ingredients tab to see a full listing. Do you prefer a Liquid foundation? If so try MiSMo Liquid Mineral Foundation. It's sensational!

New containers in Medium and Medium Plus offer an internal lid that prevents any spillage when you travel or if the container is turned upside down in your drawer.

Mineral makeup has taken the world by storm over the past few years. With the excitement comes confusion about which brand to buy, ingredients and colour. We can guarantee MiSMo minerals to be of the highest quality providing a flawless finish that feels like you are not wearing makeup. Samples are available.

Is acne scarring or pigmentation a problem for you? Watch this transformation applying Mineral Makeup. This video was taken a year ago and Nicole's scarring has now all but gone from using MiSMo skincare products. Enjoy the show.

Benefits of MiSMo Mineral Makeup:

  • Breathes - will not clog pores
  • Light reflecting to minimise appearance of pores
  • Great coverage - excellent for pigmentation and redness
  • Won't irritate the skin
  • Foundation, concealer all in one
  • Flawless finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting, up to 12 hours
  • Sun protection 15 + depending on coverage
  • Excellent for Rosacea, Pigmentation and Acne

MiSMo Mineral Makeup has:

  • No Nano particles
  • No Preservatives
  • No Parabens, fragrances
  • No Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride
  • No Petrochemicals or mineral oils

Choosing a colour:

Mineral Makeup is very forgiving and a colour covers a wide range of skin tones. The matching is much easier than traditional makeup. No more high tide marks on your neck.

BEIGE FAIR - Suits very fair skin which has no redness. Beige Fair has pink to neutral undertones, maybe honey coloured freckles. Skin burns easily. This colour is very uplifting on these pale skins. If makeup often looks yellow on you, this will be perfect.

BEIGE MEDIUM - Suits a Medium skin colour which gradually tans but can burn. There is No redness in your skin and you don't blush. Skin can look sallow. Beige Medium has pink to neutral undertones to brighten your complexion and is an extremely popular colour.

FAIR: Suits Fair or Pale skin which has some redness in skin, often blonde or red hair, freckles. Sometimes blush. Skin burns easily. Fair has yellow undertones to correct redness. Dark haired girls sometimes have a very fair complexion like Kelly below.

JASMIN - Great for Asian or Eurasian skin in medium tones or skin tones that carry a lot of warmth. Jasmin has a yellow base which is very uplifting on these skin colours. Suitable for skin that tans very easily with no burning. Jasmin is working well with many of the spray tans too.

MEDIUM - Medium is the popular colour. Most suitable for skin tones that burn a little but gradually tan. Skin can show redness or visible capillaries in skin. Yellow undertones correct redness. Most popular colour suits most Caucasian skins. In summer when there is some tanning Medium Plus will be more suitable.

MEDIUM PLUS - Suits those with Light olive skin type or use fake tan. Girls who use Medium in winter often change to Medium Plus in summer as a tan builds. Skin tans easily.

TAN - Suits skin which tans easily, olive skin, dark hair and eyes. This skin type usually has even tone (without freckles). They tan easily without burning. Suits Mediterranean skins too.

Brush: Triple milled super soft synthetic hair brush;
Liquid Mineral Foundation: Titanium; Mica; Zinc Oxide; Rice Powder; Kaolin Clay; Green Tea Extract; Squalane


It is your choice whether you squeeze some minerals on to the back of your had and dip the tip of the brush to pick up some liquid minerals or squeeze a small amount directly on to the tips of the brush. Lightly apply to the face starting at the outside working towards the nose.

Weight 30 g

Regular 8g


Beige Fair, Beige Medium, Fair, Medium, Medium Plus, Jasmin


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