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Rosacea and the Role of Exfoliation

To help treat Rosacea we give an insight to a rarely discussed aspect of this condition – exfoliation.

For anyone who has Rosacea and endured redness, associated pimples, lumps and bumps for a length of time you will know the frustrations and upset of waking
to a new break out. So many people with this problem are over 40 or 50 when we expect these bad skin experiences to be over.

There is no cure for Rosacea, only control. Not everyone has the same symptoms although all sufferers have redness. Some people get pimples of varying
degrees from a few bumps under the skin to cysts or pimples. Others have redness and broken capillaries or a combination of all these. I was lucky
and ended up with the lot!

Men more often display symptoms on their noses. This is called Rhinophyma. The skin thickens and the nose is enlarged. IPL can improve this dramatically.
A side effect common to Rosacea is a build-up of dead skin cells in the central part of the face particularly beside the nose. This often leads to
blocked pores and in turn, to blemishes.



To Help Treat Rosacea Exfoliation is Imperative

It is imperative to remove dead skin cells by regular exfoliation at home. This can take several forms, depending on your skin type, oily or dry. Products
you can use:

1. AHA cleanser/Exfoliator like MiSMo’s Daily Face Wash.
This will dissolve dead cells which then slough off. Excellent for oily skin and blemishes

2. Use a cleanser containing natural beads, for example, bamboo powder for a strong exfoliation MiSMo Microderm Resurfacing Cream.
Twice a week home treatment for normal and dry.

3. Use a cleanser containing a fine natural grain like Rice powder for a gentle exfoliation MiSMo Natural Exfoliator.
Best for dry skin and redness.

For a long term blemish problem I’d recommend Hydra-dermabrasion in a beauty salon to get your skin back in a healthy condition. While it sounds easy to
remove dead skin cells, the glue that holds our skin cells together is actually quite tough. If you are having lots of breakouts and the home treatments
aren’t working you might think seriously about

hydra-dermabrasion.  Hydra-dermabrasion is similar to microdermabrasion but gentler on our often sensitive, reactive and damaged skin. The machine
uses water instead of crystals to remove dead skin cells and is quite hydrating.

Why Do We Need To Remove Dead Skin Cells?

A number of reasons. In terms of pimples or cyst type eruptions, once the pore is blocked, natural sebum or oil can’t reach the surface of the skin and
will build up beneath the skin causing a pimple or similar. These can be very painful and of course unattractive.

It is common for pockets of oil to be trapped below the skin surface under thick layers of dead skin cells. These pockets of oil can cause recurring blemishes.
After a couple of treatments of hydra-dermabrasion the skin will be released of these pesky oil pockets and clear, healthy skin will return.

Due to the nature of Rosacea this is an ongoing process so please consider a monthly routine of hydra-dermabrasion to keep your skin clear.You also need
to be vigilant about daily home care.

MiSMo has an information page about Rosacea and recommended skin care routines and
supplements that may be useful for you or someone you know who suffers from this Celtic curse as its often known.

The information contained in this blog post is based on my own experiences from battling Rosacea for around 17 years. In no way is this medical advice. Irene McDonald



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