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Rosacea treatment


Rosacea, also known as Acne Rosacea, is a chronic inflammatory skin problem characterised by redness and/or surface veins on the cheeks, nose and chin. It can be controlled but not cured.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is not well understood and characteristically affects people with pale skins, blue or blue/green eyes and generally starts in middle age. For some reason it is affecting more young people now than ever before. People with darker skins also get rosacea, but the signs are less florid. Small papules (or lumps) which may become pustules (pimples) are often present. It may resemble acne but if you look closely at the skin, you will not see any open or closed comedones (blackheads or whiteheads).

It must be remembered that in almost all cases of Rosacea, the connective tissue in the affected area is fragile, so steps must be taken to keep the tissue in good health to reduce symptoms and outbreak re-occurrence.

Most people who have rosacea will remember a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle with a red face or bulbous nose (men).

Sun damage plays a big part in the development of rosacea so if you or your children have fair skin this is a serious reason to avoid sunburn or over exposure to sun and UV rays.

Eyes are often affected and can feel irritated, dry, red and gritty. This is called ocular rosacea and is often an early symptom of rosacea. Cod liver oil fortified with Vitamins A & D is a great help for this problem. It’s available from health food shops. Micro-genics is a good brand.

Usually the central areas of the face are involved. While this is a chronic disease, in the early stages redness or flushing tends to come and go. Eventually redness remains and the complexion is ruddy. In some cases there are periods of remission, and at other times, it is worse. Broken capillaries or spider veins are commonly seen on the face but particularly on the nose, cheeks and chin.

In men the nose is almost always involved and after many years, may become thickened and misshapen. A potato-nose (called rhinophyma) is always due to this condition.

Rosacea sufferers tend to have build up of layers of dead skin cells. Exfoliation is critical and blocked pores resulting in breakouts can be avoided when  exfoliation is done on a regular basis.

Causes of Rosacea

No one knows the exact cause of rosacea.  Genetics play a big role. Fair skinned people with Celtic ancestry are prime candidates. Bill Clinton and Prince Harry are good examples.

We do know the outer layer or skin barrier is compromised and super sensitive.A demodex mite has been discussed for some years. Higher numbers of these mites are found on Rosacea skins but whether they are a cause is in question.

The most recent research which is continuing today has found elevated levels of  anti-microbial peptides Cathelicidin and Stratum corneum tryptic enzymes in Rosacea skin. These findings indicate there is an immune system weakness.

To read up on these studies Google Dr Richard Gallo. Many references are available to check out.

Sun damage and a diet rich in acidic food and drink can accelerate the symptoms and perpetuate the condition. Perhaps this is why more young people are showing signs of rosacea. Today’s diets tend to be very acidic to the body.

Triggers of Rosacea

We know that it is aggravated by exposure to the sun, heat, hot drinks, spicy food and alcohol. Alcohol does not cause Rosacea but will increase redness as will all acidic foods and drinks. Soft drinks and mixed alcoholic drinks are high on this list.

Hot baths or showers, stress and harsh skin care products also exacerbate the symptoms of rosacea. Never use soap on your face, it is too drying and will increase flakes on skin which in turn block pores. Another no-no is turning your face into the shower stream. This can accelerate the appearance of small spider veins.

Some people have postulated that Rosacea is due to an infestation of tiny mites in the skin that burrow into the skin and hair follicles and cause the reaction. The fact that topical metronidazole (a type of antibiotic) has been used with considerable success, makes one believe that this may be an important part of the problem. Research is continuing.

There is another angle as well: all the signs are also typical of photo-damage (UV damage) to the skin. The central part of the face gets more sun than the sides, and pale-skinned people get more sun damage than darker skinned people. It is possible that an infestation super-imposed on photo-damage is the underlying cause of the problem.

Broken capillaries (Telangiectasia) is most likely due to the destruction of the collagen support around the blood vessels and this of course would be the result of chronic photo-degradation of both vitamin A and C.

Experience shows that long-term use of a skin-care range containing vitamin A and C with antioxidants, leads to improvement in the rosacea. A-C-E Vitamin C Serum contains vitamins C, A and E in a pure oil form.

Why Mismo Products can help with Rosacea

MSM (Organic Sulphur) is an anti-inflammatory which helps calm redness and reduce inflammation which is always present in skin conditions including rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and acne. MSM assists in the reproduction of healthier skin cells which in turn make a healthy complexion. MSM reduces irritation, itching and redness also present in psoriasis and eczema.

MSM supplies sulphur an integral part of the production of collagen and elastin. MSM also helps reduce inflammation of the connective tissue and helps restore the fragile condition to a healthy condition.

Hyaluronic Acid is present in most parts of the body and helps reduce redness and accelerates healing of the skin when breakouts occur. Hyaluronic Acid also replenishes moisture lost from the skin due to excessive heat generated in Rosacea. A treatment plan is outlined below.

MiSMo products contain large amounts of MSM and Organic Aloe Vera which target the main symptoms of Rosacea, namely redness, irritation and often dry flaky skin. From day 1 MiSMo has been aimed at Rosacea and sensitive skin types. The formulations also are great for anti ageing so we don’t complain about that extra benefit. If you calm  skin redness, a more youthful appearance always results.

Vitamin C is another ingredient very helpful to Rosacea. Many trials and a great deal of research has established the huge benefits to skin. When combined with Vitamins A and E skin tissue can become thicker, softer and healthier. This  can make broken capillaries less visible. Vitamin A is an integral part of Rosacea treatment because research has shown a chronic Vitamin A deficiency as part of Rosacea.

For those who suffer from breakouts Blemish Gel is a great help. It is non drying to the skin but often halts the development of lumps and bumps. I call them that because often the best description from my own experience. In the case of a pimple they heal faster and often are much smaller.

Products & Ingredients to help Rosacea

Daily Face Wash

This cleanser in the MiSMo range has been formulated to keep dead skin cells at bay. Rosacea skins tend to build up layers of dead cells which contributes to blemishes, lumps and bumps. This skin type is called congested. Daily Face Wash is oil, fragrance and soap free, ideal for Rosacea but not if you have very sensitive skin. In these cases Natural Face Cleanser is best. Use Daily Face Wash only once a day. 

Glycolic and Salicylic acids are the active ingredients that dissolve the glue that holds dead cells in place. This clear gel is gentle and set at the correct pH to enable ongoing exfoliation. An exfoliator is still required. A combination of MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream and Natural Exfoliator is a good routine. Use  Natural Exfoliator  2 days a week and MicroDerm once a week. If your skin is super sensitive this routine may be too much and just the Natural Exfoliator once a week more suitable. 

Suggested Mismo Treatment Plan


  1. Cleanse skin with Daily Face Wash or Natural Cleanser
  2. Apply Cell Soother  or Rejuvenating Gel  (for anti ageing benefits) over face including around eyes
  3. If lumps and pimples present, apply Blemish Gel to those areas
  4. Apply New Age Moisturiser (younger or oily skin), New Age with Sunscreen or Nourishing Cream (dry or mature skin)
  5. Apply MiSMo Mineral make-up (females) or sunscreen, everyone


  1. Cleanse skin with Natural Face Cleanser
  2. If lumps and pimples present, apply Blemish Gel to those areas
  3. Apply Rejuvenating Gel including around eyes and any lines
  4. Apply A-C-E Vitamin Serum over face and neck avoiding the eye area
  5. Anti Wrinkle Cream or Nourishing cream or New Age Moisturiser according to your skin type

Extra Treatments

Exfoliate 2 – 3 times a week. Use Natural Facial Exfoliator or MicroDerm Resurfacing cream. Dead cells build up leading to clogged pores and pimples. Remove regularly for clearer skin.

Use Natural Face Exfoliator twices a week  and MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream once a week. Use your own judgement if you feel these suggestions are not enough or too much.

AHA Fruit Masque: For an at home facial use AHA Fruit Masque after either Face Exfoliator or MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream. This will give your skin a super exfoliation in a gentle manner.

Mask and hydrate: Once a week after exfoliating apply Hydrating mask to purify, hydrate and plump your skin.

More Information

Mineral Makeup

A huge benefit of Mineral make-up is sun protection, all day. Look for one with Titanium or Zinc as a main ingredient, such as the MiSMo Mineral Makeup Foundation.  Both  provide excellent blockout and are also calming on irritated skin.You do not need to use sunscreen on the face if mineral make-up is used because it is a sunblock.


Sun Screen is an essential item to be used daily if you are in the sun. Remember sun screen does not last all day so reapply after the length of time recommended on container. Many people react badly to chemical sunscreens on the face so look for one that contains titanium, zinc or both.

Vitamin D is essential to bone health so 10 minutes of sunshine early morning or late afternoon is a smart thing to do. Just shade your face. Osteoporosis is increasing due to over use of sun screen and lack of sunshine so just a little sun, early in the day is a good practice. Up to 60% of Australians are deficient in Vitamin D.

Eye Problems

For dry and irritated eyes take essential fatty acid supplements daily, especially Cod Liver oil with Vitamins A and D. It is a great eye lubricator. Tear replacement drops are soothing too.

If you get sty like lumps on the eyelids, gently cleanse the area with a clean, moist cotton pad and apply a tiny amount of Manuka Medihoney with a cotton bud. This was recommended by a clinical optometrist when I had one of these sty like lumps for over 6 months. It disappeared in days and has not returned. Medihoney is available at Pharmacies and health food shops.

Products and ingredients to avoid

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which is used in most liquid soaps. It is irritating and drying
  • Witch Hazel and Alcohol often used in toners
  • Chemical sunscreens
  • Make up containing talc
  • Mineral oils
  • The sun – your worst enemy

Rosacea is a difficult condition but not the worst affliction and it can be controlled. Bear in mind a multi pronged approach is best. No one ingredient is going to achieve the best outcome and this is why people have such success with MiSMo routines. We attack on several fronts.

Water and PH

Water plays a key role in keeping the body in an alkaline state. It is essential to drink around 2 litres of water a day. Think about how drinking hot coffee or hot meals especially hot curries make you flush and cause vascular dilation. By contrast cool water refreshes and calms the system.

Start your day with a good squeeze of lemon in a glass of filtered water. It will help with the alkalinity of your body.

An acidic body will provoke symptoms of Rosacea. Look after your skin and liver by drinking plenty of fresh cool filtered water every day winter and summer. Most bottled water is acidic to prevent bacteria growing in the water.

Supplements that may help Rosacea

  1. MSM powder
  2. Essential Fatty Acids – Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Evening primrose oil
  3. Cod liver oil with Vitamins A and D (options Vitamin A drops or beta-carotene)
  4. Zinc
  5. Vitamin E – best as mixed tocopherols as a practitioner line in health food shops
  6. Vitamin C in powder form for reliable potency

The above supplements will help your skin from the inside out. MSM will soften skin and help inflammation. Nos. 2 and 3 will oil your body from the inside.

Vitamin C is an anti oxidant which helps with the redness associated with Rosacea. Vitamins A and E work in synergy with C and this compounds the effectiveness many times over. Please do not under-rate the benefits.

Most people with skin problems including Rosacea, Eczema, Acne and dermatitis are deficient in Vitamin A. This is where cod liver oil with A and D comes in. It also lubricates the eye.

Taking these supplements every day is a huge step to helping alleviate your Rosacea.

Probiotics and gut health

More recent studies strongly suggest gut health plays a huge part, not only in Rosacea, but any skin condition. General health is being reflected as well. Please consume some fermented food or a quality probiotic on a daily basis. This can include plain natural yoghurt; blue cheese; Kefir; Kimchi; Saurkraut;

Kimchi added to a salad daily is very tasty as well as great for your gut.

Medical Treatment for Rosacea

  • Usually patients with rosacea are given topical metronidazole, topical or even oral antibiotics for severe breakouts. Eryacne is a topical gel I’ve had success using.
  • Tetracyclines are often given but one should be aware that tetracycline can aggravate photo-damage.
  • For severe cases of Rosacea always seek help from your Doctor.  Do not self diagnose Rosacea
  • LATEST CREAM TREATMENT: Soolantra is a cream that controls demedox mites and I believe is amazing. This is available on prescription only from your local doctor. Pimples, lumps and bumps for me are now a thing of the past and redness is gone too. Used once a day – I use it at night as you’d think that is when the mites are out. Good skincare such as Mismo is still necessary in the day.

Cosmetic Treatment for Rosacea

IPLL: If you decide to have broken capillaries removed, this can be achieved by IPLL (Intense Pulse Laser Light). This procedure needs to be performed by an experienced, licensed operator.

IPL machines used by medical practitioners have higher power and have many options for individual skin colours. This is important because it affects the outcome. Do your research before deciding on an IPL clinic.

Only visible broken capillaries can be removed by IPLL. The required number of treatments can range from 1 to 6 depending on the severity of veins.  Your skin type and sun exposure will determine if more veins surface in the future. A follow up treatment may be needed if this occurs.

Removal of capillaries can have a huge effect on self esteem. If they worry you, do it!

When IPL is performed by a doctor Medicare rebates often apply. Ask at your clinic about their situation. 

Hydrodermabrasion: This is a relatively new treatment for removing dead skin cells. Most people are familiar with microdermabrasion where the skin is exfoliated by a diamond head machine. While this is a good clinic treatment, it can be too harsh for a delicate Rosacea skin.
Hydrodermabrasion uses only water so the treatment is much more gentle but just as effective. The water is sprayed on under pressure and vacuumed off to put it simply. If you suffer from pimples or blemishes please consider this treatment once a month, the results are excellent.

MiSMo Rejuvenating Gel and A-C-E Vitamin C serum enhance long term results. Cell Soother is ideal immediately after treatment if there is redness and a bit of residual heat.

Some Doctors who perform IPL and Ultrasound anti ageing treatment recommend using Rejuvenating Gel and A-C-E Vitamin C serum before and after treatment. These products give a far better outcome for clients in the short and long term.

 Best of luck with calming your Rosacea. Where ever you are today it can be better with care.


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