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What Moisturiser Should I Use?

At MiSMo we believe the day and night cream is a bit of a myth. We firmly believe it’s simply all about the weather! If it’s hot and humid then a lighter moisturise is in order. If it’s windy and cold, a heavier moisturiser is in order.

Most importantly, be guided by your skin type in moderate weather and when the weather changes tweak your moisturiser accordingly. The graph below was developed as any easy guide to distinguish between our lightest to heaviest moisturisers.

Boost Oil Free Moisturiser is a unisex oil free moisturiser. Perfect for taming oily skin types, a saviour in the tropics. It’s MiSMo’s lightest moisturiser.

New Age Moisturiser offers hydration without the oiliness in a light formulation with a matt finish. It’s also got the highest amount of MSM out of all the MiSMo moisturisers and that is why it is perfect for acne prone or rosacea skin types and normal to oily or combination skin as well.

New Age Moisturiser with Sunscreen is the same as the New Age however, with the added benefit of zinc, included for its SPF factor and its wonderful healing properties too. This is an excellent summer moisturiser

Nourishing Cream is a rich moisturiser, recommended for normal to mature and dry skins. This moisturiser absorbs quickly into the skin and is a great one for the dryer months of winter. While it is one of the richer MiSMo moisturisers it does not feel heavy on the skin, due to its special manufacturing process. Nourishing Cream is also suitable in hot weather due its longevity.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream is a Vitamin C moisturiser and a very potent anti-aging product. Designed to plump and hydrate the skin this moisturiser is suited for dry and mature skins and even normal skins.

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  • Thank you! I have always thought that having a different moisturiser for night use was unnecessary, but I have never had a definitive answer to that question before. I really appreciate the explanation of the differences between the different products as the choices can be very confusing without knowing the different properties and their specific targets.

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