What is MSM?

MSM or its full name, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is a powder, supplement source of Organic Sulphur. MSM is a pain relief and general wellness supplement which is easily absorbed by the body. MSM is neither a drug nor a medicine.

Foods such as fruit and vegetables do have sulphur present in them, especially eggs, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, beef, chicken, fish, onions, garlic, leeks, shallots and chives. As a lot of people’s diets now contain a lot of processed foods and the quality of produce consumed is decreasing many people are becoming deficient in supplying their body the sulphur it requires.

Sulphur is the 4th most abundant mineral in our body. Almost half of the sulphur found in your body is in your muscles, skin and bone. Sulphur bonds are required to maintain proteins structure and flexibility such as keratin in hair and nails. Sulphur bonds are also within connective tissue and cartilage. As we age the presence of sulphur supplies in our cells declines. This in turn reduces the flexibility in muscles and joints leading to stiffness and painful joints. Within skin, the weakened sulphur bonds can leading to sagging and wrinkles.

Other functions of sulphur include aiding the energy centres within your cells, vitamin B thiamine (B1) conversion, which is used in converting carbohydrates to energy, aiding the functioning of insulin in the body and detoxification.

It is important to look for an MSM Powder which is pure and contains no fillers or anti caking agents. At a minimum, it should be ‘food grade’, however pharmaceutical grade is the best you can get.

There are two forms of MSM crystals/powder. Pure Crystalline MSM is synthesised under a ‘spun’ process. Ultra-Pure Distilled MSM is considered the premium and most pure form, which is produced under a distillation process whereby the vapour is collected.

There is a lot of information on the internet about MSM from America being superior to MSM sourced from China. This is not true. Most of the world’s supply of MSM comes from China. In fact a large portion of MSM that is labelled as “Made is USA” is produced in China or India and simply repackaged in the US. There are differing qualities of MSM within China however, so the main thing to ask is if it is pure MSM and if it has been supplied with a Certificate of Analysis to prove there are no additives.

Every batch of MISMO MSM is rigourously tested by an independent laboratory to ensure the highest quality, minimum 99.99% pure MSM. Click here to view the TGA listing for MISMO MSM.

If you haven't taken MSM before and would like to know about the benefits of it, you can read more here, or get in touch with us for specific questions. 




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MISMO MSM - 440g / Ultra-Pure Distilled - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - Capsules / Ultra-Pure Distilled - Pain Relief
MSM capsules pain relief
MISMO MSM - 440g / Pure Crystalline - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - 850g Ultra-Pure Distilled - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - 850g/ Pure Crystalline - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - 2kg Ultra-Pure Distilled - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - 2kg / Pure Crystalline - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - Capsules / Ultra-Pure Distilled - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - Capsules/ Ultra-Pure Distilled - Pain Relief


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Customer Reviews

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Joan Wakely

Great service

Tabatha Turner
Pain free!

I recently discovered i might have Endo and am booked in for all the relevant tests. I started taking MSM two weeks before my cycle and when it hit, the pain was halved if not completely gone. I am in shock! I am going to test it out for another cycle to see if it was the reason, however after some research I can already see that it greatly helps with endo. World changing!

Kay Blair

I am really pleased with my orders from mismo especially the msm thank you for great products

This is just what I need

MISMO MSM does help! We take it daily.

Ruth Dyer
Great stuff

I have been taking MSM for many years now, and it certainly keeps my arthritis under control.