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Love this product, I can really notice a difference if I stop taking it, my skin, my nails & my joints

I wanted to say I love it, but I live in the tropics, and it is too heavy for me personally in our summer humidity. The product itself I can't fault. Maybe for me in the winter months it will be good but I was looking for something to use in summer ☀️ 😮‍💨

Excellent customer service from this company!

Vitamin C Powder
Helen Burnett
Vitamin c

It's wonder feel on top of the world.

Mineral BB Cream
Elle McDonald
BB Cream

I steered away from liquid foundations many years ago, and recently trying BB cream, its finish is flawless.

Cell Soother
Nilaya Love
Liquid gold for skin repair

As an elder, born and raised in Queensland - I have recently had a few surgeries to rid my system of BBCs.
Of recent years I have developed the very good habit of using Cell Soother daily - enjoying seeing how very well it’s use has swiftly vanished multiple insect bites, scratches from daily gardening hours + age spots.
Yet I find myself especially delighted with how brilliantly daily use of Cell Soother has worked on my recent surgical scars.
Particularly impressive has been Cell Soother’s use on the 2+ cm site of surgery and stitches on the top of my right hand - it is virtual impossible to see any hint of that surgical scar now!
Both the skin specialist and nurse sincerely commented upon how beautifully my skin has healed - so I happily shared the details of Cell Soother, available for purchase locally, having been developed here in the Sunshine Coast.

Jules R
No pain

I'm a beauty therapist/ nail tech and my hands were aching alot in my thumb and wrist joints from work, been using Mismo msm for a couple of months now and can truly say the pain has gone.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Jenny Antognelli
Anti wrinkle Cream

Feels great on the skin. Light on skin easy to apply good on wrinkles. I love this product.

Magnesium L-Threonate
Elle McDonald
Mag Theronate

Not only is my sleep improved also thinking clearer

ACE Vitamin C Serum

The Vitamin C serum has improved my skin appearance and my skin also feels
less dry and tight

Magnesium Chloride
Mirek Jeremicz
Magnesium Chloride

The best absorbable magnesium.

James Cole
It works

I started getting arthritis pain in one of my fingers about 6 months ago and a friend told me to try MISMO. So I ordered a tub and after a couple of weeks I noticed that the ache had gone. I now take it daily and have no pain unless I forget.
It tastes nasty but it really does work wonders.

Magnesium Gel Complex
Glynis OConnell
Magic Mag Gel

Love this it feels nice rubs in well and helps settle the pain.

Great product and value for money

Best collagen I’ve tried so far… this product is 100% pure which is hard to come by at this price point. Already noticed a difference in my hair so would definitely reccomend… keen to keep using it and see the other benefits!

Anti-Ageing Trial Bundle
Christine Carol K
Mismo MSM powder

I was hesitant but thought I'd try the powder after reading about what it would do for bone health hair and skin
And I'm so glad I took the journey took a few wks to kick in but now my pain has improved and skin and hair feels so good

Vitamin C Powder
Eileen Keegan
Mismo vitamin C powder

I take it to assist in keeping my immune system strong which it has so far. It's part of my daily routine along with my MSM for joint health.

Anti-Ageing Trial Bundle
Kristen Heaslip
Gentle and affective

I have suffered with sensitive skin my whole life and was always scared to put new creams on my face. Until I discovered Mismo about 15 years ago. Nothing irritates it and the anti aging bundle is lovely, no side affects of using all three products together, my skin feels moisturised and soft. In the morning apon waking my skin actually looks really good!

Rejuvenating Serum
Monica Maclean
Best serum ever

Fantastic product and I have tried many , many serums over the years!!
Not sticky with good penetration of the skin and good results.

I m on my third rejuvenating serum now.

Wellness Bundle
Deb Jeffs
New to Mismo

I am often sceptical of products that claim to fix all ills but I have been pleasantly surprised to find the Mismo product bundle to be very good so far!

Judy Thomas

I will take MSM every morning as years ago I had Lupus and took MSM for it now I don’t have Lupus. Doctor wanted me to go off it to see if I got Lupus back but I refused.

Great product.

Convenient no mess and easy to apply which meant I was more consistent with applying it. The only down side for me was I wish it was refillable so as to have a lesser impact on the environment.

Eye Cream Complex
Annie B...Currimundi
Eye Cream

I have used many high end brands of eye cream, but...Mismo Eye Cream should be declared the 8th wonder of the world. Seriously, it is a beautiful, nourishing cream that is an essential part of my Mismo skin care routine.

Mineral BB Cream
Ste Ie Fielding
Great natural make up

The mineral BB cream is fantastic. Great natural coverage. A a sufferer of perioral dermatitis I have looked for years for a make up product that doesn’t make my skin flare, and I have finally found the one that does just that. I highly recommend!

Eye Cream Complex
Susan Moore
Excellent eye cream

I have been using Mismo eye cream complex for years now and find it excellent for moisturising the eye area. After cataract surgery it helped with soreness and puffiness and made the area more comfortable.

Love this lippy

Moisturising and rich with subtle colour this lipstick is just my favourite. The packaging which includes a light and mirror makes it so usable in every situation.