sun protection and outdoors

sun protection and outdoors

    Is your Sunscreen doing you harm?

    What to look for, what to avoid!

    Your Summer Saviour!

    MSM and Aloe Vera to soothe, calm, heal, moisturise.



    Recently my face reacted to the sun whilst on a course of antibiotics. My face looked like a bright red mask, burnt after only minutes of sun exposure. Fortunately my Cell Soother had already arrived and I applied that in desperation. What a remarkable result and feeling. It truly soothed my skin and the redness/burn subsided.
    Now, maybe I shouldn’t, but I apply a little soother first thing each day before moisturiser and make-up. It is only my opinion but I think my skin looks better than it has in years - no blotches, bumps, marks. I am elderly they say, I still think it looks great!

    Ruth Madden

    It is the best moisturising SUNSCREEN ever. I have super sensitive skin and always had issue with sunscreen on my face but this never affected my skin(even when I had rush on my face)

    Hiromi Lovett

    I’m loving my magnesium roller. Such a great product to keep in my gym bag & help with the recovery of sore muscles & joints.


    I applied the Magnesium Gel Forte to my upper chest where I had early skin cancers (non malignant) removed some time ago. While there is still some discolouration, I am very pleased that the gel has flattened the scar tissue and my skin now feels soft and smooth. I also love using the roll on applicator for a deodorant.

    Deirdre Brocklebank

    Absolutely love this product!!! It is the bomb for sunburn!!

    Trudy-Ann Clapp

    This sunscreen is great; it is quite light weight and absorbs quickly, it also feels quite moisturising though it isn’t greasy. The best part is it doesn’t smell like sunscreen at all, in fact the scent is pretty light and does not hang around. As a moisturiser, it seems to sit nicely under light make up and powder. I haven’t been wearing it every day, but it has not irritated my sensitive skin either. Really great product! I think I’m going to start wearing it more often!