pain relief

reduce pain, increase joint mobility, and get back to doing the things you love doing
Benefits of MSM

Nature's healing, restorative and beauty mineral.



Excellent product. I have been taking MSM for ...I think 4 years -3 teaspoons into the water every day.My hair stoped failing and my skin is very soft.

Zofia Nowicka

I injured my shoulder and arm in a fall quite a few months ago and was in a lot of pain day and night so I made up a fairly concentrated solution of magnesium chloride and put it into a spray bottle which I used to apply the solution on my shoulder and arm It's very effective and safe in reducing the pain in the muscles and joint

John Coleiro

I’m loving my magnesium roller. Such a great product to keep in my gym bag & help with the recovery of sore muscles & joints.


I take MISMO MSM now for over a year daily at has an very positive impact of my overall vitality. I would not miss to take it anymore

Uwe Wullfen

Have been using this gel for quite some time now as I have shoulder issues and general aches. Wouldnt be without it now!

Susan Coe