Improve Your Immunity with Magnesium

If you are anything like me, you take your MSM every morning and neglect other supplements. However, with all the tension we have been under since the start of the pandemic, we probably need magnesium now more than ever. 

The following has been taken from Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute's website. 

"Magnesium improves the white blood cells' ability to seek out and destroy germs. Low magnesium can lead to a cytokine storm, during which the body attacks its own cells and tissues instead of fighting off infection. This creates inflammation, cell and tissue damage, narrowed blood vessels, and blood clots. During this COVID-19 pandemic, vitamin D insufficiency has been seen in over 80 percent of patients with severe cases of the coronavirus.

Low levels of magnesium and vitamin D are a common characteristic in a majority of patients with COVID-19. Getting these levels back into the normal range is a safe and inexpensive over-the-counter treatment that can strengthen immune function. Dr. DiNicolantonio’s and Dr. O’Keefe’s paper concluded that magnesium and vitamin D should get special consideration in the general population during the pandemic."

Read the full article here

How can I increase my Magnesium intake with my diet?

  • Limit coffee, colas, salt, sugar, and alcohol
  • Eat Foods High in Magnesium
    • Nuts: Almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, walnuts
    • Greens: Spinach, collards, dandelion greens.
    • Sea Vegetables: kelp, dulse.

How much Magnesium should I take per day?

The recommended daily allowance for magnesium for adults is 310–420 mg depending on age and gender.

What's the difference between MISMO Magnesium and others? 

MISMO Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate powder is pure food grade, suitable for oral consumption, or making magnesium oil. MISMO magnesium is ecologically collected from salt mines in the Himalayas, refined and packaged in Japan, and is 99.99% pure. You could use our magnesium for bathing in, but we think it's far too good for that (there are cheaper options for that sort of thing).  

Can I take MISMO Magnesium with MSM? 

Yes! Half a teaspoon with your MSM in the morning will set you up for the day. Half a teaspoon (approx. 2.5 grams) is the equivalent to 250mg of elemental magnesium. 

Can I make my own Magnesium Oil?

Yes! Transdermal use of Magnesium Chloride eliminates the risk of digestive upset that can occur when taking magnesium supplements internally. Magnesium chloride flakes can easily be combined with boiling distilled water to produce Magnesium Chloride Oil.

Dissolve 50g of magnesium chloride powder in 50ml of warm water. Store in a spray bottle for ease of use. This will be a very strong 50% mix. Many magnesium oils on the market contain around 30% magnesium chloride so you can experiment with this mix.

We offer two sizes of Magnesium Chloride Powder; a 440gm tub and 850gm tub, here. You can read more about MISMO Magnesium and read reviews from our customers. 

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us. We are happy to answer any queries you might have.




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Magnesium Chloride - Pain Relief
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Mirek Jeremicz
Magnesium Chloride

The best absorbable magnesium.

Lyn Evans
Mag chloride

Love it. Along with msm my pain has improved significantly. Thanks Mismo. Will be on these 2 for good.

Michelle Spanjet

The perfect way to wind my body down for a good nights sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated

Cheryl Winter-McGinn
Absolutely love 💗 it

Absolutely love this product I now save myself a lot of money each month, my supplements include the magnesium chloride, msm, and emu oil capsules, and multivitamins, it’s helping on all levels from my arthritis, my muscle spasms, skin , hair and nails also my anxiety, and has helped me get back into the gym to strengthen my whole body and feeling amazing without these products I’m sure I’d still be just about home bound and not able to do much at all

David Haygarth

Magnesium Chloride