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MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is a dietary source of sulphur, an element that is essential in the formation of connective tissue. Daily supplementation with MSM is widely acclaimed by veterinarians and equine professionals for helping improve equine health and performance. Although relatively new to Australia, MSM is a dietary supplement used throughout the equine industry in the US and across Europe.

Benefits of MSM for Horses

Studies have shown that MSM can be credited with helping reduce inflammation and improving circulation in performance horses (potentially relieving a host of equine ailments).

While MSM is present in most fresh food sources, even moderate processing, including the cutting and drying of hay, can result in the reduction of available MSM. Therefore, it is important to supplement most diets with a pure source of MSM. Nutritionists, veterinarians, and equine professionals continue to report excellent results from daily supplementation with MSM.

As the supplementation of MSM assists in the formation of connective tissue, feeding MSM will potentially reduce the effects of wear and tear on the joints and ligaments that high-mileage performance horses accumulate over time. Some specific conditions that MSM has been shown to assist with are:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote circulation
  • Epiphysitis
  • Back discomfort
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune related conditions
  • Promotion of liver health

Directions For Use

Add 1-gram MSM per 45kg of body weight twice a day to your horse's feed, or as directed by your veterinarian. It’s encouraged to start horses off slowly (3-4gm or half a teaspoon, twice a day) and over the week build up to 10-12gm (or 2 heaped teaspoons) twice a day. 


6gms MISMO MSM twice a day with feed


7gms MISMO MSM twice a day with feed


8gms MISMO MSM twice a day with feed


9gms MISMO MSM twice a day with feed


10gms MISMO MSM twice a day with feed


11gms MISMO MSM twice a day with feed


12gms MISMO MSM twice a day with feed


Adjust dosage rate proportionately for heavier or lighter breeds. Not recommended for use during gestation or lactation. Consult your local attending veterinarian prior to use.

  • MISMO MSM is sugar-free, fat-free, contains no added gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, or egg.
  • With no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.
  • MISMO MSM has NOT been irradiated
  • For use in horses only.

Caution: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration, and consult your veterinarian.


MISMO MSM is a pharmaceutical-grade dietary supplement. It is a natural anti-inflammatory used by hundreds of thousands worldwide to reduce mild osteoarthritis and joint discomfort and promote good health.

MISMO has been using and selling MSM (Organic Sulphur) for over 15 years and is one of the longest-running suppliers in Australia. MISMO knows quality – saving you the trouble of experimenting with less than the best!

Hear From Our Ambassador

"I started taking MISMO MSM 6 months ago after a friend told me about the fabulous results they’d had with it. After having back surgery six years ago, I’ve become accustomed to poor quality sleep-waking 5-6 times a night and having to reposition due to back pain. I thought this was just my new normal after the surgery. I had massages regularly just to help keep mobile, and would constantly have back pain when standing or sitting for any length of time. But, as it was still a drastic improvement from my pre-surgical state, so I kept on going and learnt just to live with it. The results since I’ve started taking MISMO MSM have been extraordinary. Much to my amazement - I now sleep through the night, without pain, and feel fresh and mobile in the mornings. I recently drove my horse truck on a 2000km round trip from Mackay and could stand up straight the next day - like I hadn’t been sitting for 24 hours at all. It used to take a week until I’d recover even from a much shorter trip!

In light of such fabulous results, I have started all of my horses on this fabulous product. I’ve noticed that the older horses in particular have developed more freedom in their movement, and especially my FEI horses are finding their collected work easier. And from a cost standpoint - it’s one of the most economical supplements I feed. I highly recommend this fabulous product to all of my clients - both for their horses, as well as for themselves. MISMO MSM has dramatically improved my quality of life and I am beyond thrilled to be an ambassador for such a fabulous product."

Hillary McGregor Potter, MISMO Ambassador


Hillary McGregor Potter, MISMO Ambassador 

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MISMO MSM - 440g / Ultra-Pure Distilled - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - Capsules / Ultra-Pure Distilled - Pain Relief
MSM capsules pain relief
MISMO MSM - 440g / Pure Crystalline - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - 850g Ultra-Pure Distilled - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - 850g/ Pure Crystalline - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - 2kg Ultra-Pure Distilled - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - 2kg / Pure Crystalline - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - Capsules / Ultra-Pure Distilled - Pain Relief
MISMO MSM - Capsules/ Ultra-Pure Distilled - Pain Relief


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What is MSM?

MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane or Dimethyl Sulfone) is an organic sulphur compound found in all living organisms. It is the purest and most bio-available form of sulphur, one of the essential minerals crucial to life and the regeneration of cells. MSM has traditionally been taken as a food supplement to increase joint health for flexibility and mobility, as well as for strong hair and nails, beautiful skin, and other health conditions from leaky gut syndrome to mild arthritis, osteoporosis, and psoriasis. 

Why do we need to supplement with MSM?

Natural MSM is largely destroyed when our food is processed and can be lost entirely when foods and ingredients are stored for a long period of time. MSM bonds with moisture, so any food which undergoes any sort of dehydration will lack its natural MSM.

For these reasons, and because MSM is so critical for almost every athletic function in active bodies, it is important to consistently supplement with a quality MSM nutritional supplement 

What is the science of MSM?

Sulphur is integral to the production of collagen and elastin, and MSM is a source of organic Sulphur. Collagen is the principal structural protein holding the skin together and is largely responsible for the skin’s mechanical properties.  Approximately half of the body's sulphur content is found in the skin, muscles, cartilage and bones.

Click here for more information on The Science of MSM

How can MSM benefit your skin, hair and nails?

  • Protecting collagen against collagen degrading enzymes
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen and elastin production
  • Boosting the natural production of Glutathione, one of the body's key anti-oxidants ... as an anti-oxidant, MSM will boost the immune system and reduce pigmentation and cellular damage
  • Acting as an anti-inflammatory agent by reducing the production of cytokines (compounds that cause inflammation)
  • Maintaining skin cell membrane flexibility and permeability, promoting an efficient exchange of nutrients and waste products to help keep skin clear
  • Helping to maintaining the body's pH balance

How can MSM help with joint health and support? 

MSM has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can be used as a natural alternative to help reduce pain from mild arthritis and osteoarthritis related symptoms.

How does MISMO MSM help with exercise recovery?

Our muscles, skin, bones, organs, and connective tissue all rely on sulphur and without it our bodies can not function properly.  MSM is an important nutritional supplement for anyone living an active lifestyle, as it delivers the sulphur and methyl nutrients which are key to the structure of healthy cells in muscle and connective tissue.

MSM is valued by bodybuilders, strength, and power athletes because it supports healthy and flexible cell structures and can help reduce the inflammation of muscle tissue and can offset muscle soreness and joint pain caused by inflammation.

Where is MSM found and how is it manufactured?

MSM is found in the fluid and tissue of all living organisms. It is present in a variety of foods including raw vegetables, eggs, milk and fish, but is lost through cooking and food processing. One of the richest natural supplies is pine trees and cabbage.

Although MSM is abundant in nature, even the richest natural sources only provide MSM in the level of several parts per million. Commercial extraction of MSM from trees is not possible so a process is undertaken which parallels the natural oxidation that occurs in the marine atmosphere and produces MSM that is a chemical compound identical to that found in nature.

Click here for a detailed explanation of how MSM is manufactured.

What is the difference between Distilled Ultra-Pure MSM and Pure-Crystalline MSM?

With the distilled product, the MSM solution is heated up to a point where the MSM is released as a vapour and the pure crystals are formed and harvested as the vapour cools on the inside surface of a distillation column.  The heating-up of the MSM solution and the subsequent cooling and harvesting process requires a lot more energy, and hence the reason why the price is a bit higher.

With the crystalline product, the MSM solution is "spun" at super-high speed in a centrifuge and the MSM crystals are formed on the walls of the centrifuge.  And although the MSM solution is highly-pure before the crystallisation process begins (having undergone a reverse-osmosis filtration process), there is a remote possibility that if there are any trace impurities in the solution they can become encapsulated in the crystalline structure.

How pure is MISMO MSM?

Every batch of our MSM is rigourously tested by an independent laboratory to ensure the highest possible quality with no additives or anti-caking agents. Packaged in Australia from imported ingredients.

    How much MISMO MSM should I be taking?

    An average dose is between 2 to 6 grams daily. Most people take a teaspoon (approx. 4 grams) daily. If more relief is needed, increase the dose slowly. Can be taken in water or juice after breakfast, although there are no rules as to when you should take MSM.

    It is recommended to take MSM in the morning, as it can give a boost of energy. Side effects when starting out with MSM can be nausea and/or headaches. This is not uncommon and is linked to the detoxifying benefits of MSM. We recommend lowering your dose if experiencing these symptoms and gradually increasing with time.

    WARNINGS: If taking strong blood thinners, do not take MSM without your doctor's approval. Not to be taken by children without a health professional's advice.  MSM can also interfere with the accuracy of the blood test for liver enzymes by sometimes producing false positive results. It is recommended you cease taking MSM at least 4 days before these blood tests. You can resume after the test.

    Is MISMO MSM listed with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)?

    Yes, click here to view the TGA listing for MISMO MSM


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      Mismo body care MSM

      I have been taking the Mismo MSM for a couple of months as being in my 60s the aches and pains are there so I thought I'd give it a go
      When I completed the tub ,I found that it had helped as I didn't reorder straight away
      So now on my next tub and my body has improved

      leah jarvis
      Great product

      I’ve been using MISMO MSM for about 6 months now, and I must say that it has definitely helped with my aches and pains. My feet no longer ache or feel like I’m Walton broken glass when I get up in the morning. And my hands are also moving easier and pain free.
      Thank you.

      Bev Gibbons

      Love it..really helps with my Osteoporosis in my hand..


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