Hygiene in skin care is often forgotten, but vitally important. We are all very excited when buying new items to care for and make up our faces but how much thought do you put into caring for those items in the following weeks and months.

Sometimes we need to be reminded about hygiene in the storage and cleansing of our personal skin care and accessories.
Dinner plates and cups are washed and stored away carefully after every use. Food items that require refrigeration are placed in our fridge.

Natural skin care product storage and cleansing for all items:

  • Keep in a cool place away from heat and light - no window ledges or in cars
  • No fingers in jars - this introduces bacteria
  • Cleansers and exfoliants - store on vanity unit not in shower recess. Water can enter the bottles and this will cause the growth of bacteria
  • Makeup brushes - wash regularly, every 2 weeks. Use shampoo and rinse well. Air dry.
  • Mascara - the industry recommendation is to replace every 3 - 6 months. Don't share with others.
  • Liquid makeup - replace at least every year
Oils particularly, do not keep well in hot conditions (over 30 deg). If you live in a very hot climate, refrigerate.

Good hygiene habits in skin care will improve your skin health and appearance. If you are using bacteria laden brushes or creams your skin will suffer.



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