You don't need to be a star to look like one!

Ever wondered how the stars on the red carpet manage to achieve that dewy, natural makeup look? We've put together a few steps to help you accomplish that same look. Here's how you do it;

1. Prepare your skin
Making sure you choose a quality moisturiser before applying your foundation is key to makeup longevity.

2. Mineral Foundation (Liquid Mineral or Mineral Powder Foundation)
Apply your foundation in downward strokes for a flawless finish. The more conventional method is to apply in circles but we find a better finish is achieved with the downward method. The hairs on your face grow in the same direction. Repeat the process using fine layers until you have achieved the desired coverage

3. Mineral Bronzer
Mineral Bronzer gives a wonderful sun kissed glow. Apply in an upward outward motion to the cheeks and blend. Also, lightly sweep over the areas of your face that naturally get the sun: down the nose, forehead and chin.

4. Mineral Highlighter The secret weapon
Apply Mineral Highlighter just above cheekbones and under the brow line. The effect will be stunning. Stroke with a light touch so you don't create lines. Remember it's all about blending to create a flawless finish. Tip - apply a little Highlighter just above the lip in the cupid's bow.

5. Lips
While red lips are still a popular choice, pastels are also currently on trend. Using a pale pink or peach to colour your lips will compliment the dewy, healthy glowing look you are trying to achieve. Tip MISMO's Mineral Eyeshadow colour Rose Mocha can also double as a lipstick too. Just add a drop of water to it and apply straight to lips. The soft pink tones, will be a pretty addition to this look.

6. Lock it in with Mineral Veil
Mineral Veil is also called setting powder and is a great help for those with oily skin. Mineral Veil will not only set your foundation for the day it will absorb oil that is secreted during the day. Mineral Veil is translucent and may be used all over the face including your eye lids (it won't change the colours of your completed makeup). Simply lightly dust the Mineral Veil over your foundation.


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Mineral Highlighter Palette - Makeup

Mineral Highlighter Palette

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