Treatment Plan for Rosacea


  1. Cleanse skin with Active Face Cleanser. 
  2. Apply Cell Soother over face. For anti-ageing benefits follow with Rejuvenating Serum over face including around eyes.
  3. If lumps and pimples are present, apply Blemish Gel to those areas
  4. Apply New Age Moisturiser (younger or oily skin) or Nourishing Cream (dry or mature skin)
  5. Apply MISMO Mineral make-up (females) or sunscreen, everyone


  1. Cleanse skin with Natural Cleansing Milk.
  2. Apply fine layer of Cell Soother over face
  3. If lumps and pimples present, apply Blemish Gel to those areas
  4. Apply Rejuvenating Serum including around eyes and any lines
  5. Apply A-C-E Vitamin Serum over face and neck avoiding the eye area
  6. Anti Wrinkle Cream or Nourishing cream or New Age Moisturiser according to your skin type

Extra treatments:

Exfoliate 3 - 5 times a week. Use Natural Facial Exfoliator 2 - 3 times a week and/or MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream.once a week. Dead cells build up leading to clogged pores and pimples. Remove regularly for clearer skin.

AHA Fruit Masque: This is an effective exfoliating treatment to keep dead skin cells at bay. Dead skin cells don't just fall off, it takes effort and persistence to keep skin clear.

Mask and hydrate: Once a week after exfoliating apply PHP treatment mask to purify, hydrate and plump your skin. 

Perform a weekly facial at home by using

  1. MicroDerm
  2. AHA Fruit Masque
  3. PHP Treatment Mask
  4. ACE Serum followed by Nourishing Cream
Mineral Make-up:

A huge benefit of Mineral make-up is sun protection, all day. Look for one with Titanium or Zinc as a main ingredient, such as the MISMO Mineral Makeup Foundation. Both provide excellent blockout and are also calming on irritated skin.You do not need to use sunscreen on the face if mineral make-up is used because it is a sunblock.

Sun Screen:

Sun Screen is an essential item to be used daily if you are in the sun. Remember sun screen does not last all day so reapply after the length of time recommended on container. Many people react badly to chemical sunscreens on the face so look for one that contains titanium, zinc or both.

Vitamin D is essential to bone health so 10 minutes of sunshine early morning or late afternoon is a smart thing to do. Just shade your face. Osteoporosis is increasing due to over use of sun screen and lack of sunshine so just a little sun, early in the day is a good practice. Up to 60% of Australians are deficient in Vitamin D.

Eye Problems:

For dry and irritated eyes take essential fatty acid supplements daily, especially Cod Liver oil with Vitamins A and D. It is a great eye lubricator. Tear replacement drops are soothing too.

If you get sty like lumps on the eyelids, gently cleanse the area with a clean, moist cotton pad and apply a tiny amount of Manuka Medihoney with a cotton bud. This was recommended by a clinical optometrist when I had one of these sty like lumps for over 6 months. It disappeared in days and has not returned. Medihoney is available at Pharmacies and health food shops.


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Ali G

I’m 69 & have been using the Anti Aging Trio for years. Very happy with Mismo products.

Veronica Mc Cabe

Hello all, I have been using these products for years. Not only has it returned about 20 years to me but also treated my Rosacea. My skin is amazing. I will keep buying these products as long as I can. The service provided by Mismo is great. Issues if any are resolved very quickly. Thank you Irene and team .Veronica Ireland 🇮🇪

Victoria Ryan
Still the Best skincare out there!

Have been using the Mismo anti aging bundle for years and love the gel, oil serum and anti-aging cream. An irreplaceable evening skincare routine, occasionally tried others, but always come back to this for results. The gel and nourishing cream and eye cream for the day keeps your skin the best it can be, even improving it! Have stopped trying other brands, they just don't deliver results that Mismo does. Also I totally trust the ingredients, especially for sensitive skin. Just love all Mismo skincare!

Eleanor Eckert
Proven Results with Mismos Anti Aging Bundle

My Beauty Therapist recommend the Mismos Products to me.
I've always taken care of my skin from a teenager as I had acne
Must say Ile keep using Mismos Products
My skin always feel hydrated and moisterised And never oily.Its like a food for my skin. I receive many comments that I don't look my age The containers they're in are nice and compact and hygenic With the pump And no wastage

Three wonderfully effective products

I have been using Mismo for many years now and I still sing its praises. The anti-ageing products all work together perfectly and soak into the skin leaving it silky smooth with no sticky residue. I have tried other products from time to time just for a change but not for long!