Ingredients Matter!

The ingredients list on skincare products is important for understanding what is in the product and how it may benefit or harm your skin. This list is known as the INCI or INCI list, and it includes information such as active ingredients, allergens, and preservatives. However, it can be difficult to understand, as some ingredients are listed in a general term like "fragrance" or "parfum," which could include a variety of ingredients that create a certain scent, but are not listed specifically. Knowing how to read and interpret skincare labels is crucial for creating a personalised skincare routine. A quick guide is provided to help you understand the information on skincare labels.

International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, is the standardized way that ingredients are listed on cosmetic products. Understanding the INCI is important for understanding the ingredients that make up your favorite products. The INCI is a structured list that follows a specific framework, providing a clear understanding for both industry professionals and consumers worldwide. Ingredients must be listed using their scientific or Latin names according to the INCI system, making it helpful for identifying ingredients when purchasing products from other countries.

The Order of Ingredients
It's important to note that the order of ingredients on the INCI list is based on the quantity used in the product. The ingredients used in the highest amounts are listed first, and the rest are listed in descending order. However, ingredients that are present in concentrations of less than 1% are not required to be listed in a specific order. It's worth remembering that just because an ingredient is not listed at the top of the list, it doesn't necessarily mean it's not important. Some ingredients can be effective in smaller concentrations.

Intimidating Complex Ingredient Names
Reading an ingredients list can be overwhelming due to the use of scientific and technical terms. However, with a little research and experience, you can learn to understand these ingredients. Don't be afraid to do your own research and look up ingredients that you're unsure about. There are many resources available to help you understand ingredients better.

It's important to remember that just because an ingredient has a complex name, it doesn't mean it's harmful. For example, plant names are often listed in Latin, so Aloe Vera becomes Aloe barbadensis Miller. Additionally, some ingredients may sound harmful but are actually safe to use on your skin. An example of this is Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, which is Vitamin C which improves the appearance of fine and coarse wrinkles of the face and neck, as well as improved overall skin texture and appearance -  Very safe for your skin.

Be mindful of allergens when reading skincare labels, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies. These are typically listed at the end of the ingredients list and marked with an asterisk. Keep in mind that allergens themselves may not be harmful, but it's important to be aware of them and take them into consideration when selecting skincare products.

Education and Research
It's important to note that educating oneself about the ingredients in skincare products and understanding the INCI can be beneficial in making informed choices. It's also important to be aware that different derivatives of ingredients such as Vitamin C and Retinol can have different effects on the skin and may require trial and error to determine what works best for an individual. Additionally, it's important for consumers to take responsibility for researching and understanding the ingredients in the products they use, as cosmetics companies may use marketing strategies to present their products in a certain way. Googling and reading product reviews can be helpful in researching and understanding the ingredients in skincare products.

Our philosophy is to take the very best of laboratory-synthesised ingredients and the very best naturally-derived ingredients and combine the two in synergy to create highly effective, evidence-based, ethical skincare.

MISMO skincare products are all made in Queensland and contain natural oils, organic aloe vera, and MSM. We DO NOT use propylene glycol, parabens, mineral oils, alcohol, sodium laurel sulphate, micro-beads or colouring. Fragrance (where applicable) is achieved by blending hypo-allergenic aromas.

The long-term health of your skin and health is always our top priority. / 13000 MISMO

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Anti-Ageing Bundle - Skin Care
Anti-Ageing Bundle - Skin Care
Anti-Ageing Bundle - Skin Care
Anti-Ageing Bundle - Skin Care

Anti-Ageing Bundle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
kim thomas
Anti-aging bundle

I have used Mismo products for many years. I love the whole package for the benefits that each product provides. I particularly love the feeling of the Anti wrinkle cream, soft, moisturising without it being greasy , heavy or gluggy. I highly recommend this package. I am so pleased to see the glass packaging. Thank you Mismo for beautiful, affordable skin care and giving our environment a thought as well. 🤗🙏

Susan Wiltshire
Anti -Ageing bundle

Will definately order again,these products are worth every dollar spent. My skin has never felt or looked better.

M. Powell
Anti-Ageing Bundle

An easy night routine. Great for my rosacea skin.

Laurel Street
Anti Aging Bundle

Have been using it regularly and it has only been 2 weeks and I have much smoother skin. It appears to have a glow. Loving feel applying the creams.

Eva Smith
Great products

have seen an improvement from day 1 and no irritation! thankyou team Mismo