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Brow/Liner Pencil

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Perfect eyebrows are easy to achieve with MISMO's soft Eye Brow Pencil/Eye Liner pencil.  Eyebrows frame the face and are a really important part of your daily makeup. A well-made-up face without defined brows will spoil the look.

100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and Australian-made. 

MISMO Sharpener is an essential item to maintain your sharp pencil. 

Which colour is right for me?

If you are a mature person make sure your brows are a similar colour to your hair. Dark hair and grey brows are a no-no. Either have the brows tinted or use eyebrow pencil to create a uniform look.

Brown is an excellent colour to use to either shape a brow or fill gaps in darker brows without making the brows too dark or harsh. Use small feather strokes for a soft natural look. This is a dark chocolate brown colour.

Blonde works really well with light brown, blonde or grey hair. This is an ash brown shade, very soft and flattering.

Slate is a stormy grey colour best used as an eyeliner. Slate is perfect for those with fair skin and hair as you achieve a great outline of your eye that is not harsh. Eyes look bigger and more defined.

Black is very black and a fabulous kohl pencil. This can be used to add a super fine line or a heavier outcome. Applied very finely close to the hairline of the eye eyelashes appear thick and full. Our makeup artist Jessie maintains this is the best Black Kohl Pencil she has ever used, soft and long-lasting.  

Benefits of Brow/Liner Pencil? 

  • Used as an Eyeliner this pencil is a breeze to use and defines the eye beautifully.
  • Easily follow the original shape of the eyebrow and change its intensity.
  • Soft texture that glides softly over skin
  • Creates elegant lines & gives long-lasting definition
  • Perfect for soft (smoky look) or sharp eyeliner definition
  • Available in 4 shades that are suitable for all eyebrows & eyeliner for all ages

 How do I use Brow/Liner Pencil?

Use short feathered strokes on eyebrows to give a natural hair-like appearance. Do not draw a line or it will look harsh.

How do I use Brow/Liner Pencil as an eyeliner?

Apply close to the eyelashes. This can start at the inner corner of the eye for a definite eye line. For a more smokey look, begin at the start of eyelashes. On the lower lid, apply about a third of the way from the outer eye towards the center. Either apply to the whole lower lid or a third. Don't stop halfway. Ideally, always finish with mascara. The image below shows how eyebrow pencil enhances the finished look. If you like to use a kohl pencil then the new Black pencil will be a favourite. You will love the softness of the pencil and still achieve that sultry look!

How do I sharpen the Pencil?

The eyebrow pencil requires that you use the MISMO Sharpener to maintain your sharp pencil. Regular pencil sharpeners sharpen to a point and are not suitable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Trudy Boyle
Eye liner pencil

It's really lovely and soft to use, you don't seem to have to use as much either.

Easy to use

Brow liner is easy to apply and the sharpener works well.

Eileen Etchells
millions better than I expected

Never thought I liked mineral make up but this was great for brows or eye liner and the pencil sharpener was far better than any other pencil sharpener .I should know as I have dozens of them that are useless

Simona Sramek
Eyeliner easy smooth application

Love this eyeliner pencil, it goes on easy and it’s amazing how well it stays on though the day. The charcoal colour is lovely and gives is a softer look.

Debbie Davey
Big fan of all products. Love the company and staff too

Love these beautiful Australian products- so much so I cannot move away from them! I use everything from the cleanser, moisturiser, serums and gel, to the eyeshadow, liner and magnesium to the MSM. Great service and passionate staff. Keep up the great work!

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