AHA Fruit Mask and Hydrating Mask Bundle - Skin Care
AHA Fruit Mask and Hydrating Mask Bundle - Skin Care
AHA Fruit Mask and Hydrating Mask Bundle - Skin Care
AHA Fruit Mask and Hydrating Mask Bundle - Skin Care

AHA Fruit Mask and Hydrating Mask Bundle

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Why not really pamper your skin? Fight the elements and keep your precious face clear of dead skin cells and well hydrated. A saving of $11 with this bundle!

MISMO's Glycolic and Fruit Acid Mask will remove dead skin cells and expose your vibrant complexion. The AHA component of the formulation will loosen dead skin cells while Jojoba beads will continue the process of removal when you massage the pre-moistened skin after the mask has dried. Enjoy soft, silky skin all year round.

MISMO's Hydrating mask detoxifies, hydrates, and plumps the skin all in one mask. The effects are long-lasting, and skin is left feeling intensely nourished and replenished.

What are the benefits of AHA Fruit Mask?

  • Decongest blocked pores
  • Refine and brighten your complexion
  • Smooth rough skin
  • Revive dull looking skins
  • Hydrating
  • Suitable for normal, ageing, and acne skin types
  • Also great for hand treatment

How do I use AHA Fruit Mask? 

After cleansing your face, apply a fine layer of AHA Fruit Mask, avoiding the eye area. A prickling or tingling sensation may initially be felt. Allow to dry, then moisten with wet fingers and massage, allowing Jojoba beads to slough off dead cells.

Rinse well then apply a moisturiser suitable for your skin. 

Use once a week.

*Skin will be more sensitive to the sun after using this product. Discontinue use if irritation occurs

What are the benefits of Hydrating Mask? 

  • Replaces lost moisture
  • Softens and plumps complexion
  • Draws toxins from skin
  • Anti-ageing results
  • Calms sensitive skin
  • Soothes Eczema
  • Accelerates healing of pimples

How do I use Hydrating Mask?  

After cleansing and exfoliating, apply a small teaspoon of Hydrating Mask to the face and neck (can also be used under the eye and brow areas). Leave on for 15 – 20 minutes for the absorbable ingredients to penetrate and hydrate skin. Remove with a moist cloth. Best used once a week. 

For additional benefits, perform a gentle facial massage whilst the mask is in place.

Finish with a small amount of New Age Moisturiser or Nourishing Cream

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Enola-Gaye Beasley
Love both these products

I started to use Mismo about a month ago in my Beauty Salon.Two of my favourite products are the AHA and Hydrating Mask because you see instant results in the texture and plumpness of the skin. Very happy customer.

Natasha Darling
My ‘Go To’ Mask ♥️

I absolutely love this mask, I’ve been working with it for years. If I’m going out or need my skin to really brighten and freshen up, I go to this mask as my ‘saviour’.

Not only do I find it brightens and clears skin (I use the day before an event and even the day of, before make up as well), it also noticeably clears up bumps and redness, tightens skin, smoothes out wrinkles and I find it lifts my whole face.

Generally I use it once a week unless I have something special coming up and I will use it more regularly leading up to prepare my skin.

It isn’t necessarily hydrating in terms of the other mask Mismo have, but it naturally prepares the skin and when I put either their hydrating one on after sometimes or just continue to the gel serum and then moisturiser, either way the results to me are so impressive and noticeable.

Thank you Mismo, I love your products. ♥️

Fruit and hydrating mask

A great product that really leaves the skin feeling hydrated. Better than clay based masks.

Gaye Thomson
AHA fruit mask & hydrating mask

Both masks are excellent. The fruit mask made my skin feel fresh and clean while the hydrating mask was excellent. I used it after a bit too much sun, my skin felt tight and dry but the mask hydrated my skin again and made it feel wonderful.

Zofia Nowicka
AHA Fruit Mask

My skin felt very refresh and now I included fruit mask in my weekly skin routine. Recommended!


MSM is particularly important for collagen to be produced in our bodies - that's why it's in our skincare products and what makes MISMO skincare more effective.

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