Pure Marine Collagen Peptides - 300g
collagen on bench with glass
Pure Marine Collagen Peptides - 300g
Pure Marine Collagen Peptides - 300g
Pure Marine Collagen Peptides

Pure Marine Collagen Peptides

Constituting more than 75% of our skin, collagen naturally declines after our mid-20s, leading to premature signs of ageing. MISMO Marine Collagen is integral in improving skin condition, promoting muscle recovery and supporting bone, joint and gut health.
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MISMO Marine Collagen is 100% hydrolysed marine collagen peptides from Pacific Ocean fish. Type I Collagen. This protein is highly bioavailable (faster and better absorption) and sourced exclusively from wild caught fish from sustainable fishing habitats. 

What are the benefits of Marine Collagen?

Skin & Hair Health:

  • Promotes skin hydration and elasticity
  • Boosts skin thickness by promoting collagen synthesis within the dermis
  • Rich in Proline, an essential amino acid in keratin (main structural protein in our hair)

Joint & Bone Health:

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing symptoms associated with arthritis
  • Provides support and structure to connective tissues and cartilage
  • Increases joint flexibility
  • Assists in the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals

Gut health:

  • High in proline, glutamine, and glycine to help protect and strengthen the intestinal barrier
  • Repairs, strengthens and soothes the gut lining (improved digestion and nutrient absorption)

How much Marine Collagen should I take?

We recommend starting with 5g per day (2 tsp). For optimal results, increase dosage to 10g per day.

Mix into hot or cold beverage of choice, either in the morning or evening - whatever suits your schedule. Collagen can also be mixed into foods, such as cereals, yogurt or even soups. 

When can I expect to see results with Marine Collagen?

With daily use you can expect:

2 - 4 weeks: you should begin to experience improved digestion, reduced bloating and improved bowel movements. This is due to the high levels of essential amino acids proline, glutamine and glycine, which are working to repair your gut's intestinal lining. 

4 - 8 weeks: you will see visible improvements in skin hydration, elasticity and density. Studies reported smoother complexion and fading lines / wrinkles. 

8 - 12 weeks + : expect to see improved nail and hair strength, growth, and overall improved health. Studies also showed improved joint pain and inflammation. 

Please note results will vary based on gender, weight and lifestyle.  


100% Marine Collagen Peptides. Made in Australia. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sue Nagle

Best products I have ever tried


Sorry yes I received

Janet Atkins
Great Products

I am 81 years of age and have been taking MSN for 18 years. Fantastic Product I have now started taking Marine Collagen. My hair and skin are great and my whole body is feeling a massive change.

Izzy B
Great product and value for money

Best collagen I’ve tried so far… this product is 100% pure which is hard to come by at this price point. Already noticed a difference in my hair so would definitely reccomend… keen to keep using it and see the other benefits!

Victoria R
Good so far!

I think I need to review Pure Marine Collagen peptides in 3 phases. 1st now, nearly 2 weeks in to using it as I have noticed an improvement in the skin on the back of my hands which look a bit smoother and healthier, 2nd one in another month to see if more improvement on my face etc.., and 3rd one in a year or so to see if it helps with my osteoporosis. It is easy to take mixed in water with the Mismo msm, a tiny bit fishy in taste, but of course! It is made from fish 😊 And the taste disappears immediately with a mouthful of water afterwards. So far I haven't been disappointed in any Mismo products, only impressed.

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