Affiliate Program

It's taken us a while, but we have finally put together an affiliate program after a lot of requests and advice from many of you, so thanks for your patience!

For newbies, an affiliate marketing program allows you to grow your own business through the sales you bring to us. Pretty straight forward, isn't it? There are people who do this for a living and they build sites and social media accounts to promote others' products and they are then reimbursed with cash. 

Thus, we’re so happy to offer affiliates the opportunity to generate customers and for us to pay them for it.

How does it work?

You will receive 20% of the order value of anyone you refer to us who then makes a purchase with your code and doesn’t cancel or return their order.

Customers who make a purchase through your link, get a 20% saving site-wide, so using your personalised link or coupon code is important so that sales can be tracked toward your commission. The 20% discount code is only for new MISMO customers who haven't ordered from us before. 

To join, you’ll need to visit our Affiliate Application Form.

How do I find potential customers MISMO?

Once your application is complete, you’ll get a special, unique link and coupon code (you can use either or both) to share with your friends, family, on your website or social media, or just about anywhere else you can send referrals from.

You are welcome to use any of our marketing materials from our website or social media platforms. If you would like something specific to you, we are happy to create that for you. If your business is successful, then so is ours, so we are here to help you! 

What has been working best? 

MISMO offers a trial bundle of 6 products (2 cleansers, 2 moisturisers, an exfoliator and our Cell Soother). It's free with coupon code FREETRIAL. You can get ideas from here.

By promoting your followers to first try this for free (only pay $9.50 shipping), then they can get 20% off their first order with your coupon code, that takes away any risk they may have.

What's the benefit for me to promote MISMO?

Unlike 99% of other online stores, we do not offer a first order discount (e.g. Get $20.00 off with your first order). That is your selling point. We aren't competing with you for new clients, they are yours and we want to pay you for finding them!

How can I see the backend? 

Through the portal after registering, you have access to all of the sales and commissions that have come through your channels. There is also a section for marketing and to contact us should you need any help. 


This is even available as an app on your phone, Pro Affiliates. 

MISMO Store ID = 7011285

Google Play Store



When do I get paid? 

To ensure the user is satisfied with their order and unlikely to return it, and as we have a 30-day return policy, there is a 37-day lock (from date of sale) on releasing commission until the consumer is 100% satisfied. Commissions will be released on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. This is to give us some security that we don't lose out to the customer's order, then have to replace their products/refund, and pay out you our affiliate, thus leaving us out of pocket to all parties.

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Looking forward to our collaboration. If you have any queries, please do get in touch with us.