Blemish Gel

MiSMo Natural Acne treatment with Will not dry skin or bleach towels.Natural gel with, for acne, pimples, and Rosacea outbreaks


Blemish Gel Natural Acne Treatment

For Acne, Pimples and Rosacea Breakouts

What is Blemish Gel?

MiSMo Blemish Gel 50ml is an easy to use oil free gel developed to help control and reduce pimples, treat Acne and Rosacea Acne on oily and acne prone skin. Acne scars will also be greatly improved. It feels like a luxurious lotion - because it is!

MiSMo Blemish Gel contains™ a new patented anti acne treatment ingredient proven to be effective in the treatment of many types of acne, pimples, blackheads and zits. Blemish Gel will not dry your skin. Vitamins A, B3, B5 are well recognized in acne treatment. No Fragrance Added. No bleached towels or clothing.

Blemish Gel is an oil free formulation designed to reduce excess oil, kill bacteria associated with acne, pimples and Rosacea outbreaks. It also targets inflammation and dehydration (lack of moisture) often found in problem skin. MiSMo has used a different and gentle approach to treat pimples and problem skin. Your skin will glow with good health.

This Natural Acne Treatment is formulated using ingredients which include™ which is derived from 2 parts of the olive tree; organic aloe vera; Hyaluronic acid from plant (pharmaceutical grade);  MSM (organic sulphur); Vitamin B3 and Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) all add up to a big  "Say goodbye to pimples statement."

We suggest you use Daily Face Wash with Glycolic and Salicylic Acids in combination with Blemish Gel as your Acne treatment plan.

It is essential to keep dead skin cells at bay and pores clear when experiencing pimples and acne.

For younger girls and boys or men Blemish Gel may be all you wish to use. If you don't use or need a Moisturiser, this is it. How easy is that! There is no oil in Blemish Gel but lots of moisture.

How Blemish Gel Works:

The active ingredient in Blemish Gel is™. This is a specialised botanically derived product that targets the causes of Acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and cyst type eruptions.™ targets 4 areas that lead to pimples, zits and acne:

  • Excess sebum (oilyness)
  • Excess hyperkeratinisation (abnormal shedding of dead cells)
  • Bacteria
  • Inflammation

Combined with other key ingredients Blemish Gel provides pH balance, calms redness, controls bacteria, inflammation and excess oil.

Many people who have breakouts, and this can be the occasional pimple, lump or bump, as well as acne have dehydrated skin. Oily skin can be dehydrated (lack of moisture not oil). Hyaluronic Acid is the best ingredient on the market for hydrating the skin so you are going to have beautiful soft plumped skin as well as a clear complexion. HA also helps return the skin to a healthy condition.

Why not give your skin care routine an extra boost - from the inside! MiSMo's core ingredient MSM is also available as a supplement. Pure MSM Powder taken daily dissolved in water will not only help your hair, skin and nails look their best, but is also widely used for natural pain relief. Find out more about MSM, also known as Organic Sulphur, on our ingredients page, or read about the many benefits of MSM Powder.




AC.NET™ Oleanolic Acid (from olive leaves), Nordihydroguaiaretic acid (from lignan in trees) in an osmotic gel.

HYALURONIC ACID holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water. Replaces lost moisture your precious skin needs plus gives a great silky feel and helps heal.

MSM helps clean out dead cells that can block pores and follicles. Organic sulphur is a fantastic help in normalising skin cells, fighting inflammation and helping to heal quickly. MSM softens skin too.

ORGANIC ALOE VERA Organic Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory and helps regenerate healthy skin cells.

VITAMIN B5 (PANTHENOL) helps break down sebum that becomes thicker due to testosterone production and conversion to hydroditestosterone (reductase 5-a). It is also a wonderful moisturiser.

VITAMIN B3 Also known as Nicotinamide, Vitamin B3 has been well proven to assist in healing acne and pimples. Where antibiotics become resistant to bacteria after about 8 weeks B3 does not. Vitamin B3 is also a super hydrator and helps even skin tone

VITAMIN E Great Moisturising and anti-oxidant ingredient.

VITAMIN A (RETINYL PALMITATE) is well recognized for its contribution to keeping skin cells clear, an integral part of blemish control.

Use on the affected area morning and night after cleansing. May be used all over the face, avoiding the eye area. One pump will cover the whole face but the pump is easily controlled and you can dispense just a tiny dob for a small area. Apply as needed to chest or back. Excellent to use as a preventative treatment.

Blemish Gel can be used in combination with either BOOST Oil Free Moisturiser, New Age Moisturiser or Nourishing Cream for normal to dry skin types.


Morning and night

Oily skin: Cleanse with Daily Face Wash, Exfoliate (3 times a week), then apply Blemish Gel, followed by Boost Oil Free Moisturiser

Dry skin: Cleanse with Daily Face Wash, Exfoliate (2 - 3 times a week), then apply Blemish Gel, followed New Age Moisturiser (day) or Nourishing Cream (night)

Remember that skin types vary and to achieve the best results you need to choose the products that are right for your skin. If you need assistance please call and our trained Beauty Therapists will be happy to help!

Weight 109 g

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4 reviews for Blemish Gel

  1. Sally S

    I discovered Mismo after suffering through a bout of perioral dermatitis, which left me wanting a more natural skincare range than the one I had been using for years. Being able to order the trial sized products was a bonus as it gave me a chance to sample the range without committing up-front. My favourite product is the Rejuvenating Gel – my face can be quite flushed after my morning shower, and this product is so cooling and hydrating, whilst also smoothing the fine lines around my eyes. I alternate between the Nourishing Cream and Anti-Wrinkle Cream for my moisturiser, and my teenage daughter now shares (steals!) my Daily Face Wash and Blemish Gel to keep her own skin clear. These four or five products have literally saved my skin!

  2. Stacey B

    I am still using both products and still loving them! The blemish cream has helped alot, my face has cleared up so much, I still get break outs but they are not so nasty and sore anymore, it seems to keep the acne under control. I think the combination of the blemish cream and the New Age with sunscreen has been wonderful for my skin, couldn’t be happier! I would definitely like to continue using it, so when it becomes available online to purchase, please notify me.

  3. katherine W

    Dear Irene, Thanks for your advice last week. (I love the microdermabrasion kit!) I have written this email with the idea that you might use it or parts of it as a testimonial. I am so glad to have been introduced to your products. I have had a severe case of adult onset acne, for which I have used an expensive variety of products ranging from supposedly “gentle” to definitely harsh. The problem became so extreme, and so painful, I resorted to prescription products — and while they slightly reduced the incidence of acne, they caused a different kind of discomfort while doing so. I have now been using MiSMo products for about 6 weeks and the improvement in my skin is nothing short of remarkable. I have thrown out my prescription products and my skin no longer hurts. I was dubious that a cream cleanser would be suitable for acne-prone skin, but the cleanser cleanses and purifies without leaving even the slightest residue, and the exfoliator, cell soother and Boost leave my skin feeling smooth and nourished. My older blemish marks are fading and I use the gentle MiSMo blemish gel to prevent new spots. For people at the end of their with with acne, it is well worth giving the trial pack a go. You will be hurrying to order your full size products before the trial is up!

  4. Joanne J

    This stuff is great on those horrible deep, painful pimples. Makes them shrink away really fast. So happy this product exists 🙂

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