Elevate Your Cognitive Performance

We are excited to introduce our latest addition to the Magnesium L-Threonate family: Magnesium L-Threonate Capsules! These premium-quality capsules are meticulously formulated to boost cognitive performance and support brain health. With 120 capsules per bottle, providing a 2-month supply when used as directed, you can now conveniently and consistently experience the benefits of Magnesium L-Threonate.

Benefits of Magnesium L-Theonate

The primary advantages of magnesium L-threonate stem from its superior ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, a feat other magnesium forms struggle with. Research indicates potential benefits for neuro-health and learning, although further exploration is needed in this area.

L-threonate may also offer assistance with depression and memory loss, thanks to its enhanced brain accessibility compared to other magnesium types. However, comprehensive research on this subject is still limited.

Some experts, like Dr. Andrew Huberman, suggest magnesium L-threonate as part of a sleep regimen, although its superiority over other magnesium forms for sleep remains uncertain.

Learning & Memory
Studies suggest that elevated brain magnesium levels may enhance short-term synaptic function and long-term learning and memory potential. Magnesium L-Threonate excels in this regard by effectively delivering magnesium to the brain.

Preventative Cognitive Ageing
Similar to its impact on learning and memory, magnesium L-threonate appears neuroprotective, potentially delaying cognitive decline and reducing neural inflammation to improve mood and spatial memory.

While magnesium, in general, is popular for sleep and mood enhancement, the extent to which this form enhances sleep compared to others remains unclear. Its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier suggests some potential benefits, but additional research is required.

Hair Loss
Surprisingly, a single study has explored magnesium L-threonate for hair loss. It found that this form reversed hair follicle repression induced by DHT (dihydrotestosterone). If these findings are reproducible, magnesium L-threonate might help inhibit DHT and prevent androgenic balding. Currently, magnesium L-threonate is typically chelated with a mineral like magnesium for stability, making it the preferred option to access these benefits.

Unlock Your Cognitive Potential

We recognise the critical role of optimal brain function in leading a fulfilling and productive life. That's why we've carefully designed our Magnesium L-Threonate Capsules to elevate cognitive performance and promote overall brain health.

Clinical Trial Results

A twelve-week clinical trial involving participants aged 50 to 70, who reported cognitive issues, compared magnesium L-threonate to a placebo. The study examined general cognitive impairment, working memory, episodic memory, attention, and executive function (the ability to plan, set goals, and act on plans). It also investigated Alzheimer's disease in older adults and sleep disorders. These results were published in a peer-reviewed medical paper, demonstrating an overall improvement in cognitive ability and a reduction in cognitive fluctuations.

The study found that magnesium L-threonate increased brain magnesium levels, leading to improved cognitive function in most participants. However, it did not significantly impact sleep, mood, or anxiety compared to the placebo group, nor did it worsen these issues. An encouraging discovery was that magnesium L-threonate reduced the biological age of the brain.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Quality: Our Magnesium L-Threonate Capsules are crafted using only the highest-grade ingredients and adhere to stringent quality standards. Each capsule is packed with pure and potent Magnesium L-Threonate, ensuring premium quality.

  • Cognitive Enhancement: Magnesium L-Threonate is renowned for its capacity to enhance cognitive function. By effectively crossing the blood-brain barrier, it elevates magnesium levels in the brain, promoting optimal cognitive performance, memory recall, learning ability, and information processing.

  • Convenient Dosage: Each bottle contains 120 capsules, providing a 2-month supply when taken as recommended. With a daily dosage of 2 capsules, it's easy to incorporate this supplement into your daily routine, ensuring long-term benefits.

  • Brain Health Support: Magnesium L-Threonate contributes to overall brain health by nurturing brain cell vitality, reducing oxidative stress, and fostering neuroplasticity. It sustains essential synaptic connections between brain cells and promotes healthy brain cell signaling pathways.



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Mirek Jeremicz
Magnesium Chloride

The best absorbable magnesium.

Lyn Evans
Mag chloride

Love it. Along with msm my pain has improved significantly. Thanks Mismo. Will be on these 2 for good.

Michelle Spanjet

The perfect way to wind my body down for a good nights sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated

Cheryl Winter-McGinn
Absolutely love 💗 it

Absolutely love this product I now save myself a lot of money each month, my supplements include the magnesium chloride, msm, and emu oil capsules, and multivitamins, it’s helping on all levels from my arthritis, my muscle spasms, skin , hair and nails also my anxiety, and has helped me get back into the gym to strengthen my whole body and feeling amazing without these products I’m sure I’d still be just about home bound and not able to do much at all

David Haygarth

Magnesium Chloride