10 Steps to a More Beautiful You

1. Start an anti-ageing routine now

It's never too early to start an anti-ageing routine, which along with choosing effective anti-ageing products, means following the rest of the advice on this list! Look out for ingredients such as vitamin C (especially the more stable and effective oil-based form Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate or VCIP), peptides like Matrixyl Synthe 6 and one of the most powerful moisturising ingredients available, Hyaluronic Acid.

2. Never skip the sunscreen
Short term exposures add up, so even if you aren't sprawled out on the beach soaking up the summer sun, you are outside for a part of almost every day. To make life easier for yourself, choose a moisturiser with SPF protection.

3. Don't forget your neck, chest and hands
Nobody gracefully sashays into every party wearing long sleeves, gloves and a turtleneck. Make sure you extend all your skin care and anti-ageing love to your neck, chest and hands. In fact, if you have a significant other, you've now got an excuse for a free back rub too: Darling, could you apply this moisturiser for me please…

4. Don't cross your legs
Varicose veins are unattractive, and while genetics plays a part in whether you'll get them or not, avoiding crossing your legs is one thing you can do to help avoid them.

5. Avoid smoking. Quit smoking. Smoking is bad.
Get the idea? Apart from the terrible diseases it causes, its effect on your tastebuds, and the fact that it smells gross, smoking restricts the blood supply to your skin, so you go all wrinkly and old-looking much, much sooner.

6. Stay active
If you exercise regularly you're increasing the blood supply to your skin and therefore increasing its health and glow, not to mention keeping your body supple and in good condition further into your old age. We all want to be the spritely 94 year old still living at home!

7. Adopt a regular skincare routine
Even if you only wear make-up occasionally, it's important to cleanse and moisturise your face daily. Adopt a skin care routine to suit your skin type and stick to it. Start with small steps at first so you aren't overwhelmed and the habit can form. Schedule a weekly pampering session with your favourite face mask and a glass of something relaxing, to give yourself something to look forward to.

8. Remove your makeup before bed
You have pores for a reason your skin uses them to get rid of pollutants. Leaving your makeup on clogs your pores and can cause acne, and may leave your skin dry and prone to lines. If you're too tired to cleanse properly, at least wipe the majority off with something like a microfiber cloth, to give your skin a chance to breathe.

9. Feed your body naturally
Natural skin care is all well and good but you're fighting a losing battle if you're eating too much of the wrong foods. Avoid processed foods, grains and sugar, and stick to fruit and vegetables, grass-fed meats, and natural fats and oils.

10. Relax!
Stress can cause many unwanted side effects and make you appear both more tired and older than you are. Take a moment now to relax the muscles in your face and jaw it's likely that you can release a tension you didn't know was there. Take stock of how you feel, and if there is an area of your life that is causing you stress, try your best to take a break from it.





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Anti-Ageing Bundle - Skin Care
Anti-Ageing Bundle - Skin Care
Anti-Ageing Bundle - Skin Care
Anti-Ageing Bundle - Skin Care

Anti-Ageing Bundle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
kim thomas
Anti-aging bundle

I have used Mismo products for many years. I love the whole package for the benefits that each product provides. I particularly love the feeling of the Anti wrinkle cream, soft, moisturising without it being greasy , heavy or gluggy. I highly recommend this package. I am so pleased to see the glass packaging. Thank you Mismo for beautiful, affordable skin care and giving our environment a thought as well. 🤗🙏

Susan Wiltshire
Anti -Ageing bundle

Will definately order again,these products are worth every dollar spent. My skin has never felt or looked better.

M. Powell
Anti-Ageing Bundle

An easy night routine. Great for my rosacea skin.

Laurel Street
Anti Aging Bundle

Have been using it regularly and it has only been 2 weeks and I have much smoother skin. It appears to have a glow. Loving feel applying the creams.

Eva Smith
Great products

have seen an improvement from day 1 and no irritation! thankyou team Mismo