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Wellness Bundle

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Elevate your well-being with our carefully curated Wellness Bundle, a trio of powerhouse supplements designed to nourish your body from the inside out. Whether you're seeking vibrant skin, enhanced joint mobility, or an immunity boost, this bundle has you covered.

With our Wellness Bundle, you're not just investing in supplements; you're investing in your health and vitality. Elevate your wellness journey today and embrace the transformation from within.

Unlock the door to a healthier, more vibrant you.

What comes in the Wellness Bundle?

Unlock the secret to flexible joints and radiant skin with our premium MSM powder. Known for its remarkable ability to support joint health, MSM also promotes collagen production, leaving your skin looking youthful and rejuvenated.

Fuel your body with the goodness of Vitamin C and the rich nutrients of Sea Buckthorn. This dynamic duo provides a potent antioxidant boost, fortifying your immune system and promoting a glowing complexion.

Experience the calming benefits of Magnesium L-Threonate. This unique form of magnesium is renowned for its ability to support cognitive function, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality.

How much MISMO MSM should I be taking?

An average dose is between 2 to 6 grams daily. Most people take a teaspoon (approx. 4 grams) daily. If more relief is needed, increase the dose slowly. Can be taken in water or juice after breakfast, although there are no rules as to when you should take MSM.

A word of caution ... some people find if they take MSM late in the day, after 4 or 5pm, they do not sleep as well, as it energises them. This is not a general occurrence but worth mentioning.

WARNINGS: If taking strong blood thinners, do not take MSM without your doctor's approval. Not to be taken by children without a health professional's advice.  MSM can also interfere with the accuracy of the blood test for liver enzymes by sometimes producing false positive results. It is recommended you cease taking MSM at least 4 days before these blood tests. You can resume after the test.

How much Vitamin C should I be taking? 

The recommended daily intake of vitamin C for adults is typically around 500 - 1000 milligrams (mg). However, individual needs may vary based on factors such as age, overall health, and specific dietary requirements.

By supplementing with 3g/half a teaspoon of MISMO Sea Buckthorn Vitamin C this would provide around 600 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C.

How much Magnesium L-Threonate should I be taking? 

Take 2 capsules daily with water and without food, preferably in divided doses. Each 1400mg serve of Magnesium L-T contains 116mg of elemental magnesium. Higher intakes may be beneficial, as recommended by a nutritionally-informed physician. One jar contains 120 capsules which equates to a 2-month supply. 


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Customer Reviews

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Joan Wakely

Great service

Tabatha Turner
Pain free!

I recently discovered i might have Endo and am booked in for all the relevant tests. I started taking MSM two weeks before my cycle and when it hit, the pain was halved if not completely gone. I am in shock! I am going to test it out for another cycle to see if it was the reason, however after some research I can already see that it greatly helps with endo. World changing!

Kay Blair

I am really pleased with my orders from mismo especially the msm thank you for great products

This is just what I need

MISMO MSM does help! We take it daily.

Ruth Dyer
Great stuff

I have been taking MSM for many years now, and it certainly keeps my arthritis under control.

99.99% Pure MSM
Highest Quality

Ultra-Pure Distilled MISMO MSM has been through a 4-stage distillation process.

MSM Skincare
MSM is a key component of collagen and is also a building block of keratin. Both important in helping skin to look youthful, radiant and glowing
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Our Founder
Irene McDonald was inspired to produce the first nutritional skincare range based around MSM due to her very personal journey
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